Anger, Pity and Cruelty in Weimerica

Let’s not be overly cruel. There’s enough of that going on around in the world. I don’t want to sound like a lonely catlady, but sometimes it’s necessary. In the realm of politics, both sides are guilty of being insanely cruel, though I’d wager the Left has a significant edge on the inhumanity factor (think gleeful over the right to murder unborn children).

I was picking up my kids from school a few days ago and saw such a pitiful sight. An attractive white woman with her high yeller offspring. No father was present and I didn’t spy a wedding ring on her finger. The child had some ailment of sorts and gimped along on hobbled legs. His head was larger than normal and based off his facial features, it was clear that he suffered from some version of mental retardation. I wasn’t angry, it was just sad and depressing. Maybe she adopted the kid or it was her own. Regardless, it likely could have been prevented.

I don’t get enjoyment out of seeing these sorts of things. My confirmation bias is confirmed by reality when I see on the local news a white woman murdered by her live-in unemployed black boyfriend, but this doesn’t bring a smile to my face. It saddens me. It’s simply pitiful. There’s so much information out there explaining the dangers of interracial relationships that it’s depressing to see people destroy themselves and others despite the glaring evidence.

She killed her future

Look at this poor creature above. By my account, an attractive woman, albeit likely crazy (look at the eyes). She’s decided to self-harm and ruin any chances of ever having a family. She’s ended her biological instinct of motherhood. She’s physically mutilated herself to virtue signal. A virtue signaling dopamine rush that will be forgotten about within a week. However, the loss of her fertility will never be forgotten.

I don’t hate her for it. I have a profound sadness that our rotted culture promotes and approves this behavior. She’ll never hear laughing children, at least not her own – her real own, not some adopted pet-child to continue her virtue signaling addiction. She’ll never sing lullabies or calm her crying child. She’ll never pick them up, hug them deeply and whirl them around to mutual giggling. She’ll never look at her own child and see herself, her genetic legacy continued. She’s done this to herself and I only have a black sorrow for her.

Of course there’s anger. Who wouldn’t get angry at seeing avoidable loss? To quote Rhett Butler, “I’m angry. Waste always makes me angry, and that’s what all this is, sheer waste.” I think that’s where the trolling comes from. We’re not sociopaths. We’re angry at witnessing self-destruction and, deep down, have a vast despair for the decline of our people. The anger fuels the trolling. It fuels everything, to be honest. Apathy allows the slow and lazy plunge of our people.

It’s like when a Current Year libertarian howls at me, “It’s their choice, man. How about you embrace freedom and liberty and let people do what they want?” That’s really just apathy. They don’t really care or they’re too afraid to judge someone. But, this masked indifference, or timidity, inevitably leads to destructive nihilism. There’s no anger at the failed behavior and no pity for the inescapable outcome.

I suppose these same people would let a child put their hand on a hot stove, shrug as a friend injected heroin or say nothing when a friend is contemplating getting a reverse mortgage. Doing and saying nothing is actually immoral. No one is equal and no one is born equal. Stupid, short sighted and impulsive people need to be told that they’re going to considerably fuck their life up if they don’t correct themselves.

The only ones even trying to correct our Weimerica sideshow are online trolls. We don’t do it out of cruelty, we do it out of anger and pity. We’re angry no one told you “no” and we pity you when you hurt yourself.

Sometimes, bullying helps.