Unintended Parallels from Prototypical Propaganda

To the untrained eye, the relevance of a certain suspense thriller from the 90’s and a true masterpiece of Hollywood propaganda, I might add, may begin and end with its title, Arlington Road.  If you have overlooked this little gem though, or haven’t seen it in some time, you might want to revisit it to fully appreciate the significance of what I’m about to say.

Prior to Imperium, most anti-white movies were really over-the-top in their shameless demonization of the subject matter.  Like those old movies about Waco, that atrocious smear piece on Gordon Kahl, Midnight Murders starring Rod Steiger, or one of my all-time favorites, Betrayed with Tom Berenger and Debra Winger.  But Arlington Road was a smear piece from that era in a league all its own, and in my estimation, a bit of a forerunner to Harry Potter and the Gas Chamber of Secrets.  There’s a lot to unpack about that movie, so that probably ought to be saved for another post, but the relevance here is that in the fullness of time, it has become accidentally analogous to the Left.  The following started out as an off-the-cuff post on my Facebook wall, but after hammering out a few paragraphs extrapolating my thoughts on the matter, I realized it had turned into something a bit more substantial than a simple effort-post.

The following is the transcript of that post.

Dealing with leftists reminds me of that scene in Arlington Road, you know, that climactic one at the end where Jeff Bridges’ character has careened through the streets in his car chasing the delivery van into the parking garage of the FBI building, and all the Feds have surrounded him with guns drawn, and he’s frantically trying to warn them that he’s convinced there’s a bomb in the back of the van. Once they search the van and find nothing, the FBI agent friend dramatically says to Jeff Bridges’ character, “That van was cleared for delivery. The only person who’s not supposed to be here… is YOU.”

At that moment the horrific realization that he’s the patsy in a dastardly plot is plain to see in his face. He bolts to his car, throws open the trunk, and sees the villain that he thought he’d been surveilling the whole movie, and ferreting out the dastardly schemes of had in fact, wired HIS car to explode.

And then the bomb goes off, and you see a news report on TV, blaming Jeff Bridges’ character as the classic “lone nut” who blew up a government building.

The leftists are like Jeff Bridges’ character. Often sincere. Often highly intelligent, but completely and thoroughly duped, and utterly and pervasively governed by their emotions, biases and their preconceived notions. They rant and rave and shriek about all the alleged bigotry and unimaginable crimes of anyone even slightly to the right of them, like Jeff Bridges barging into a government building yelling about an imagined threat he’s been chasing.

Where they differ from him though, is that Jeff Bridges’ character was sincere and intellectually honest enough to realize (however too late it was) that HE was actually the threat.

The left, however, is either incapable of or unwilling to acknowledge that in the decrying of all the alleged inhumanity towards many of their political opponents on the Right, they are aligning themselves with people who have committed far worse crimes than even the most blood-curdling, spine-tingling things the Right is accused of, and are themselves guilty of dehumanizing and justifying the oppression of an entire race of people.

In the final moments of the life of Jeff Bridges’ character, realizing his folly, he rushes (in slow motion) to his car in some mad attempt to somehow make things right. His character, even in the moments before being vaporized by the bomb set off in the diabolically ingenious trap, he had, through his obsessive and myopic pursuit of the antagonist throughout the film, played so perfectly into, made a final desperate attempt to somehow fix his mistake.

Like Jeff Bridges’ character’s friend saying to him, “the only person who’s not supposed to be here is you!” we can literally say to the leftists, “the only person actually engaging in real hate here is YOU!

But, leftists in this scenario would rather shriek that the bomb, that obviously isn’t in the van, IS in fact in the van, and that the bomb that is clearly in the back of his car is not actually a bomb.

In the real-world scenario, this movie scene is somewhat analogous to, they are screeching about evils that are not being committed, and committing or at the very least, enabling those very evils themselves in the name of fighting them.

I wish I could say that at least the explosive, catastrophic outcome of that scene is not applicable here, but judging by what the Left is already condoning, I foresee the consequences in the real world as being equally calamitous in one way or another.

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  1. Hey Jacob,
    I think your observation that leftists are “…completely and thoroughly duped, and utterly and pervasively governed by their emotions, biases and their preconceived notions” is often pretty accurate. To them, history (of which they are generally ignorant) and logic are overwhelmed by emotion.