Mysterium Fasces Episode 51: Monarchy

Florian Geyer is joined by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson for the 51st episode of Mysterium Fasces, this week looking at ‘Monarchy’.

Natural Monarchy is an organic system of governance based on the personalization of power in a familial patriarch and then adjusted upwards in scale.

A Christian Monarchy is one that is reflective of the internal dynamics of the Holy Trinity, with the Monarchia itself being the Father. Christ then as the Logos and anointed King of Kings is the model for Christian Kingship.

Monarchy is the only God-given form of government and as such, it is theologically correct and ideal. Even the Roman Empire followed a similar system as the household of God, with the Emperor as Father.

Christian monarchs rule by the Grace of God and their role is to ensure the powers of state are used to keep God’s laws. With the concept of Monarch as the incarnate ‘sovereign’ and ‘absolute’ the King makes the perfect symbol for the reality of the nation.

Monarchy is the necessary terminal in the hierarchical order, in conformity with natural law and all principles of authority and responsibility which are rooted in a personalist cosmology will inevitably embody the monarchical principle.

There are alternative forms of government for an Orthodox Christian in lieu of sacral monarchy, but they have to be opposed to oligarchy.

Kali Yuga News this week:

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Oops! Sex workers not found: New Zealand removes prostitution from skills list for visa hopefuls
US ‘freezes funding’ for White Helmets as group’s Douma chem attack claim falls apart
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Music used this week:

Mix – Psalom 50 – Valaam Choir Psalmul 50 Валаам
King Crimson – Return of the Fire Witch – Dance of the Puppets