Nothing Happens in a Vacuum

The Second World War’s history, including the lead-up and its aftermath, is one of the most heavily restricted myths of the 20th century. It’s still carefully regulated to this day. There’s incredibly little mention of the revolutions and national turmoil that occurred and gave rise to the West’s “great sin.” But, nothing happens in a vacuum, the great “evils” of the 1930s and 1940s didn’t manifest out of thin air – every action has a series of consequences. Let’s look at the Soviet Union, the Third Reich and the fall of the British Empire. There’s a common thread linking them together.

Jews were prominently involved in the Bolshevik Revolution and formed an elite group in the Soviet Union well past the Second World War. Many of the non-Jewish Bolsheviks were members of non-Russian ethnic groups who were married to Jewish women. It was a common perception during the early stages of the Soviet Union that the government was dominated by “a small knot of foreigners” in Moscow.

In general, Jews were not only prominent in the leadership of the Bolsheviks, but they abounded at the lower levels of the party machinery—especially, in the Cheka, and its successors the GPU, the OGPU and the NKVD. In this capacity, they oversaw the genocide of 25 million innocent people under Stalin, most of whom were White Orthodox Christians. The Soviet government killed millions of Ukrainian and Russian peasants during the 1920s and 1930s, executed hundreds of thousands of people who were purged from their positions in the party and throughout the economy, imprisoned hundreds of thousands of people in gulags that produced incredibly high mortality and without any due process, drafted hundreds of thousands of people into forced labor with enormous loss of life, and ordered the collective punishment and deportation of Cossacks and other ethnic groups, resulting in mass murder of these groups. (read Kevin MacDonald’s “The Culture of Critique“).

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At the same time, Stalin’s actions against a handful of Jewish communists were taken cautiously and performed with reassurances that the government still had very positive views of Jews and Judaism. In stark contrast to the campaigns of mass murder against other peoples, Stalin’s efforts against a relative handful of high-ranking Jewish Communists during the purges of the 1930’s were very cautious and involved a great deal of deception intended to downplay the Jewish identity of the victims. This is because the USSR was Zion for the Jews, not Palestine. That’s why the Jews of the diaspora were happy to betray their host countries to aid the USSR and spread communism throughout the West.

The German National Socialist Party was created in response to the Communist revolution of 1919 in Germany and the murder of millions in Russia by Jewish NKVD agents. The Nazis were a unique nationalist movement who successfully opposed Comintern subversion from within (along with a host of post-war problems) and dealt Stalin’s atheist empire a devastating blow from without. As discussed in a previous post, to accomplish this, they had to control the subversive race of Jews in their territory. Think about it, they’ve been kicked out of their host countries for centuries. There’s always a reason, but it’s never mentioned why.

Communism was sweeping the world by undermining societies internally and with Red armies from without. Despite putting a check on international communism, the Third Reich’s foreign policy was disastrous. They made enemies with the USA and both the British and French Empires. And no, to the chagrin of folks that blame the Jews for bad weather, the Jews did not control all of these countries. Bismarck must have been turning in his grave as Hitler challenged the world at once. The Nazis had an awful need for revenge and that caused them to spoil their leaders who offered it to them. As the number of decision-makers shrank, German policy became more idiosyncratic and reflected more the personalities of the oligarchs than the needs of Germany. Hitler simply had too much power and was in too big of a damn hurry. He knew shockingly little about the Anglosphere too. His declaration of war upon the US was one of the most shocking acts of strategic stupidity in the history of the West.

The British must be blamed for declaring war on only one invader of Poland, bombing civilians, and then losing their own empire because they didn’t want to share power with the budding Third Reich. White genocide begins in London. The Anglosphere siding with the Soviets caused all the problems of the 20th century. Stalin got half of Germany while FDR, Churchill, and De Gaulle had to share the other half. He got half of Europe too. Thanks to his Jewish agents, he also got the bomb that the US worked so hard to invent. He picked up the entire country of Poland and moved it west. This killed two million Germans while relocating 12 million of them. With his blessing, about two million German women were raped in the aftermath of the war. The Anglosphere gave him almost all his equipment and technology and seemed content to let him conquer the Earth until 1945. Then it was the Cold War. So much for the Anglosphere.

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However, Hitler did give Joey the Megacide a beating that the Jews are still crying about. Stalin had slave armies, super weapons, death camps, and ape-soldier breeding programs. Whom do Americans hate today? Hitler, of course. Stalin still has enablers on this side of the Atlantic covering up for his crimes. Since Stalin officially killed twice as many innocents as Hitler, and half of Hitler’s victim count are not Jewish, why does only the Jewish Holocaust matter now in Western culture?

The wealthiest 1% of the West are half-Jewish, that’s why. The other half are the traitorous plutocrats who won the US Civil War.

Ironic, huh? English-speakers are confused about all this history because the British Empire declared war on western civilization twice in order to strangle the budding German Empire and save their own. They then created a black legend of the Germans to cover this up—just like they did with Spain. But the British ended up losing their empire too. Now, the Jews are genociding the very people who stopped the Holocaust. You can see how grateful and genuine their feelings are about it. It’s the same reason that they don’t care about the Gypsies who died with them in the camps. Have you ever heard a Jew cry over them? Jewish indifference toward their genocide is absolutely psychopathic to this day. Shooting Palestinians just ain’t a big deal to them after that.

The Holocaust didn’t happen because of “intolerance” or White supremacy, Jews created an atheist empire and began systematically destroying their White and Christian enemies. The Germans then used their own tactics against them. Please remember that the next time someone demands that you sacrifice a White person for his beliefs. You don’t have to pray to the rainbow or throw your brother under the bus.

In fact, I hope you stop sacrificing your people, your history, and your God for people that hate you.

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