Our Three Problems: Neocons, ‘Muricanism and Sportsball

I’d like to describe the major obstacles we face as a people. When I say “people,” I mean Southern people. Everyone has problems, but these are crippling our ability to have a healthy and free South. Once these obstacles are removed, we will have a better chance for political freedom for our people.

The three biggest obstacles to our mission of an Independent Southern nation are: the GOPe (essentially, warmongering neocons), the devotion the South has to the crumbling American Empire and sports idolatry. This trio of obstacles have disrupted the South’s ability to control our own destiny, along with having a healthy perspective on the meaningful things in life. Of course, the prime proponents of The Big Three are: shitlibs, Semite oligarchs, globalists, degeneracy-pushers and folks with a lukewarm IQ. I will also explain how to overcome these hindrances.


You would think the GOP would protect Southern iconography, considering the South is a reliable voting block for the Republican Party (at least until the demographics consume the White South). However, the Party of Lincoln doesn’t care for our heroes. Not one bit. Our heritage and symbols are increasingly being torn down across the South despite the promises and calls by GOP politicians, including Trump, to stop the destruction of history. Yet, despite these calls, we see the same old same old from the GOP – that being nothing.

The GOP is the party of inaction, tax breaks and procrastination. They’re certainly unlike their counter parts (Democrats), who are all too happy to make good on their promises to purge any remembrance of the White South for their non-white and communistic constituency.

To make it worse, the GOP has repeatedly treated the South like their private call girl. I, for one, haven’t haven’t forgotten the cowardly Mitt Romney talking about his abhorrence for the South and our flag. I haven’t forgotten in 2015 when the whole GOP kowtowed to negro pressure after the Charleston shooting. This was a glance at the true feelings of the GOP leadership. The South’s support has been squandered on tax cuts for corporations who continue to censor us and called for a boycott of South Carolina during the flag crisis of 2015.  This worship for blind capitalism only encourages the anti-white corporations’ left-wing campaigns.

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Let’s not forget the war mongering by the GOP and the fact that the South has overwhelming ended up over the years fighting these wars for rich (mostly Jewish) coalition of oligarchs. The GOP seems to take a sick twisted pleasure in betraying the South’s interest, for they now wish to let millions of non-whites flood Dixie (along with the rest of the country) and replace their own voters – it’s pure suicidal madness. The GOP voting Southerner needs to face up to the cruel facts and realize that the GOP is openly malicious to the White South’s interest.  In some ways, the South has started to realize this by refuting the neocons in the GOP primary for a seemingly populist nationalist Trump. Unfortunately, even Trump seems to be ignoring his supporters, but that’s nothing new from Republican presidents (at least since Nixon). The GOP, at best, will only stall our ultimate defeat and, at worse, join in on it. The Party of Lincoln’s grip on us must be broken.


The South is by far the most “patriotic” region in the US far and away. The media itself mocks this contradictory attitude of Dixie and perhaps rightly so. Why should any white Southern man wave the flag of an empire that actively seeks to replace him? Why constantly trash a government yet fly its flag with a zealous passion? Most would probably say “it stands for freedom” yet how can this be true? Have our freedoms increased over the years?

The only “freedom” I see being dispensed is for those who don’t and never were intended to have such freedom. Take for example these deviant sickening trannies who seek to use the bathrooms that our young daughters, sisters and wives use, they are getting more freedom – freedom to defile our communities! Even 20 years ago this never would have been permitted. This is a morally decaying Empire, it’s insane to have blind loyalty to it.

Let’s take the illegal in California (who should never should have been on US soil) who shot an innocent unsuspecting Kate Steinle in cold blood. We all know what used to happen to scum that slaughtered innocent women in Old America. Any hint of violence on our women in Dixie (even the rest of the country) would rightly cause a violent righteous backlash (think Leo Frank).

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In practically every case, the US government has treated the South worse than the “other.” Look all the way back to Little Rock in 1957, where the despotic President Eisenhower sent in his jackbooted federal troopers to override the wants of the native white Arkansas people who wished only to remain separate and have their own institutions. YET, these people were brutally oppressed and threaten to be gunned down like dogs by the Federal bully boys of the US Army. Sounds like real freedom right there.

What caused this show of brutal force by the Empire? Were the “bigoted” whites mass killing the blacks of Little Rock? Were blacks being denied the “right” of education? Of course not. To add insult to injury, this oppression was all because the local group of 9 blacks were too lazy to walk an extra few miles to their own black school.

If you choose to remain a flag waver for the American Empire just realize that you pledge loyalty to a state that treats illegal invaders better than their actual citizens. Take note that blacks can burn whole entire cities, but you can’t even march to keep up a statue dedicated to your ancestors.

Ball Worshipers

We all know and or have been those people. These are usually your typical normie SEC fans. The diehard fanatics who can’t miss a game. They come young and old, fat and fit, single and wedded. Sports in America has become the modern bread and circuses of the Empire. In the South, it’s football. Across Dixie we see these cultish negrophile followers of the tight shorted black bucks carrying their god (the football) in their arms. The afro-letes are the saints of this religion.

These grown men pay hundreds of their well-earned cash to see some young thug toss a pigskin around in his tights. This leads to seasons of emotional roller coasters. Most of the SEC’s white fans are your typical normie Republicans who have, at best, a basic understanding of politics. Yet, some of these people can be very good and decent people. As much as I critique these people, I still have a heart felt sympathy for them. Many of the older fans are your overworked, broken and mistreated men who voted for Trump In 2016. Many of the younger fans could be our best fans if they broke the spell of sports worship.

I do believe these men use football as a coping method for their dreadful lives and the modern pressures of living in Weimerica. Many of the younger fans have a secret longing for brotherhood and to be part of something bigger. These Southern men have been robbed of the experience of living in a decent society that our forefathers lived in. So, they rally around and put all their hopes in these football teams. To them, they get to live vicariously through these teams. These fans have a natural craving for action and manhood that has been buried by our feminine anti-white society.

Its our goal to unbury it and show these men the errors of their ways, while giving them a hand to help them out of the cult of ball worshiping. We can tap into the natural instincts of these fans and harness their positive instincts into Retaking Everything.

If we can show them how the GOP has betrayed them, how the players hate them and how the US Empire wishes to replace them. Then, victory and the Southland will be in our grasp.