A Lesson from the Irish

One hundred and two years ago yesterday, the Irish began that which would be known as the Easter Rebellion. Like so many other times before it, the attempt to extricate the British failed miserably. Most of the leaders were killed and the ordinary citizen of Ireland was subjected to extraordinary cruelty as punishment for their tacit support of the Rebellion.

The British sent in paroled rapists and murders in Black-and-Tan uniforms to have their way with the Irish People and make them learn to fear the British Empire.

But they learned to hate them instead.

Despite losing in wars for Irish independence from Great Britain on nine separate, earlier occasions, the Easter Rebellion triggered a determination to become free. By 1922, six years later, an independent Irish Free State was born. It did not matter to the Free Irishman that he had lost many previous attempts to earn that freedom, it mattered that he finally won … for his Kith and Kin.

So far, the South has only attempted Independence once before.

The South has a right to self-determination. In a country dominated by a Federal Government that no longer represents the South’s views on culture, religion, history, or heritage, why continue to stay wedded to Washington, DC? It should not.

While Washington, New York, and Hollywood elites tear down monuments to your honorable Confederate war dead, more young Southern boys go to wars in foreign lands than any other distinct demographic in the United States. Think about that …

Let me therefore repeat: the South only lost its first war for independence … eternal subjugation need not be its destiny.

-By Jim O’Brien, check out his website here.