On Fellow White People

We’re going to let you in on a little secret. Much of the information contained in this post was common knowledge even a few generations ago. But, if you simply pay attention to a few things, including last names and political ideologies, you may pick up and understand this most taboo of topics. It’s a topic that is socially prohibited in the West and ostensibly illegal in many countries. “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Let’s begin.

43% of the top 1% wealthiest in the United States are not “Whites”, but Jews. Jews have three Justices on the Supreme Court; Protestants founded the country, but have none (Gorsuch was raised Roman Catholic). Jews have a fascist ethnostate with nuclear weapons to which they may flee after they have turned Whites into a minority in every White country and only White countries. White Genocide drives down wages, increases ethnic conflict and raises the power of the elites.

Jews are just over 2% of the US population, but are a quarter of all Ivy League enrollees and climbing– 47 times more represented than their population would expect. Meanwhile, White representation is shrinking to make room for affirmative action minorities. Whites are 2/3’s of the population, but only 1/5th of Harvard. As of 2015, Yale University’s undergrad student body was 27 percent Jewish (1,500 Jewish undergrads out of 5,477 total). Percentage-wise, it narrowly beats out its Ivy League rival Harvard University, which is 25 percent Jewish (1,675 out of 6,694 undergrads).

Jews are 1.8% of US students, but are 5% of America’s highest performing students. While they do have high IQs, they are still over-represented by a factor of 13 more than their merit would justify over Whites. They’re 6 times over-represented than their ability would deserve against Asians. Jews are simply enjoying the nepotism of their racial brethren ensconced in the Academy.

60% of Hollywood elites are Jewish, which is why there have been only a handful of films since the mid-1970’s where Christianity is portrayed positively. The few that have slipped through (Passion of the Christ, Sister Act) were wildly successful. They would rather lose money than make movies that validate the religious beliefs of most of the US. Jews also control the pornography business. Reuben Sturman alone controlled most of the pornography circulating in the country throughout the the 70’s. The entertainment industry is the largest industry funding Democratic Party causes, with only 20% of its money going to Republicans. Some see the cost of the drivel it produces and wonder if it also launders money for Israel.

Jews earn like Episcopalians and vote like Puerto Ricans. 70% of the country’s Jews vote for Democrats (in the 2000 presidential election, nearly 80% of voters identified as Jewish voted for Gore). They donate 50-60% of all the funds contributed to the Democratic Party. They also control the Republican Party through institutional control of the party’s major think tanks, magazines, and News programs. Neoconservatism is almost a wholly Jewish movement whose purpose is to get Republicans to switch from being the traditional anti-war party to the pro-war one.

According to the Israeli Law of Return, belief in Moses is only necessary for those without Jewish blood to immigrate to Israel. No convert can be a rabbi, of course. Therefore, belief in Jesus disqualifies one from being an Israeli. Messianic Jews who believe in Jesus are eligible for the Law of Return, but only if they can also claim Jewish blood. Israel is an ethnostate masquerading as a religious haven.

The Jews are a race and latter-day Israel was founded as their secular ethnostate. If you have Jewish blood, then you’re still Jewish even without religion. Marrying only other Jews for 2000 years has made them a race. That’s why there are Jewish atheists. How can they put Marx before Moses and still be Jewish? How was Albert Einstein a Jew? Does Sarah Silverman attack Jesus because she believes in the Torah? No, they are a race and have a racial animus against their great historic competitors—Christian Europeans.

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When asked by pollsters, Evangelicals give Jews a 69% positive rating in how they view them. The Jews give Evangelicals a 34%. Protestants tend to be enchanted by Zionism, Catholics by Marxism. Both benefit the Jews. Protestants want to believe the latter-day ethnostate of Israel foretells the coming of the end times. They also believe that Jews are simply a religion that follows the Old Testament, while they actually follow the rabbis. Catholics are less Jew-friendly because the Bible is not their sole authority, but they love appeals to the poor and refuse to see open borders and Liberation Theology as vehicles for ethnic redistribution of wealth. They also have a history of fighting Protestantism more than Judaism.

Don’t let their secularism fool you though. They did not recognize Messianics with Jewish blood until recently and they will only tolerate them as long as American Christians are watching. Theologically, they are Christ-haters. The Talmud depicts Christians as subhuman and Jesus boiling in Hell in a vat of excrement.

“To embrace the radioactive core of goyishness – Jesus – violates the final taboo of Jewishness and brings immediate condemnation. Belief in Jesus as Messiah is not simply a heretical belief, as it may have been in the first century; it has become the equivalent to an act of ethno-cultural suicide.” — Stuart Charmé

To be fair, Jews do not want majority ethnicities in any country, but White countries are the only ones where they can pretend to be one of the majority when it suits them to do so (Jewish crypsis). They then revert to being Jewish to avoid White guilt. They always accuse critics of intolerance when it suits them.

It is no accident that universalist ideas were chosen for Whites to have. Our rulers want the cattle to crave being milked good and hard. Whites have been given a loser’s morality to facilitate this. “As much as the Jews want to milk the goyim, the goyim want to be milked.” Of course, the fact that Jews aren’t fellow Whites will only be noticed by evil group-minded Whites. That’s why nationalism among Whites is the great bogeymen of modern politics.

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By the way, David Aaronovitch is the son of a communist and Jewish.