Humble Blog Attacked by Shadowy Globalists

I had just finished a hard day’s work of volunteering and was going to virtue signal about it on Facebook. I like to pay it forward and pride myself on helping the disabled and disadvantaged, especially those suffering under our oppressive and draconian white privileged-centric police state. This day’s work included handing out soy products at the local retarded genderqueer transracial children’s hospital and orphanage. Just as I was wiping my soiled and tired hands with an artisan crafted dishrag and packing up to leave, one of my fellow volunteers wheelchaired up to me in a panic. “Silas, I have grave news,” she labored. “The SPLC has published a hit piece on Identity Dixie,” she gasped frantically. With a steely gaze towards the windswept shores of my ancestral home of Tangier, I growled: “son of a bitch must pay.”

Who could have thought an inclusive and radically progressive site like Identity Dixie would be viciously attacked? As my recently terminated house maid said before she was escorted off the property, “[we] ain’t dindu nuffin.” I was shocked.

I immediately got together our top private investigators (mostly from the former Soviet Union) and the ID Board of Visitors voted on a fact finding mission to peel back the layers on this big wretched onion called the SPLC. Who are they? What are they? Finally, why are their employees so ugly and unsightly? Trust me, Google their leadership team.

But, the main point of this post is their cowardly and savage attack on this self-effacing website. These people really pulled a Pearl Harbor job on us. I’m not going to link to them, they don’t need the traffic – God knows they get enough money by hoodwinking senile catladies and radicalizing soon-to-be militant mulatto chicks with afros and a hard-on for white frat boys. Here’s what they wrote about us:

Hatewatch does not list “heritage,” paleo-libertarian or “constitutional” groups like the SCV, UDC, Ludwig Von Mises Institute, the Rockford Institute, Virginia Flaggers or South Carolina Secessionist Party as hate groups, though they have strong neo-Confederate principles and choose to spend their time and money valorizing the darker parts of our history. Yet in their effort to gloss over the legacy of slavery in the South, these groups strengthen the appeal of Lost Cause mythology, opening the door for violent incidents spurred by the rhetoric of cynical individuals and groups like the League and Identity Dixie.

You catch that bit implying this website encourages “violent incidents”? That’s pretty funny coming from the Southern Progressives Loving Communism. I mean, it’s a lie. But, what do you expect from a bunch of slimy Jews, scalawags and their toady thralls? It’s in the blood, they just can’t help themselves from destroying their host nations, much less your average Joe.

If anything, the SPLC has certainly spurred on violent incidents by their rhetoric. Remember Bill Swerski Super Fan lookalike James T. Hodgkinson? Jimmy liked the SPLC on his Facebook page, along with other pinko commie fag groups like Media Matters and Since Jimmy went on his infamous rampage, his page has been removed, but WND saw it before Facebook’s reptilian overlord Zucc could memory-hole it. Hodgkinson was that overweight boomer nut-job that shot House GOP Whip Steve Scalise, a Republican aide and two U.S. Capitol Police officers before being killed.

Nice job, SPLC (that’s sarcasm, you litigious cretins).

Here’s another trip down memory lane.

In the 2012 shooting at the Family Research Council that injured a security guard, convicted domestic terrorist Floyd Lee Corkins II (not huwhite, big surprise) said he targeted the FRC because the SPLC identified them as a “muh hate group” due to their rational and sensible views on marriage. Little video embedded above for the SPLC goon assigned to review this website. Enjoy.

Finally, per our good friends at Breitbart:

The Department of Defense’s (DOD) Office of Diversity Management and Equal Opportunity, the congressionally mandated diversity office originally known as the Defense Race Relations Institute, once included citations to the SPLC in its “training materials on hate groups or hate crimes” but has ceased doing so.

In 2014, DOD told CNS News that it stopped including the SPLC’s “hate lists” but that it would continue to cite their data. That appears to no longer be the case as the DEOMI joins the FBI, which dropped links to the SPLC in 2014 and again in 2017, as a federal agency that no longer cites the “anti-hate” group.

Ultimately, just remember we’re here to have a good time, wake up our people to their impending demographic displacement and teach them not to hate their ancestors. The commies at the SPLC are just a bunch of halfwit hypocrites with too much time on their hands.

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