Spring Break ’18: A Sea of Human Trash

We’re in Spring Break season, of course that means the emptied headed youth of America make their annual migrations down to the beaches across the South. In my state of Georgia, the youth head off to the beaches of Panama City and Fort Lauderdale in Florida. While I haven’t gone personally, I’ve heard and seen the tales of moral debauchery taking place there. I’ve also heard it’s gotten way worse than it was even a few decades ago. How is that even possible?

Well, for starters you have the hordes of slutty tramps. You have the drunken frat boys who care only for their meaningless football, beer and you know what else. All the college students scurrying down from their rat holes (also called universities) to become depraved lunatics. I know it’s cliché now, but this truly is the result of years of Marxist brain washing encouraging these kids to live out (or die out) the nihilist and decadent lifestyle. As far as the parents of these high schoolers and college kids are concerned, they should be wholly ashamed of letting their daughters and sons participate in such filth.

One of the worse things I’ve noticed from the articles concerning this damning ritual are the white harlots who throw themselves at any black male they see. Such racial treason and promiscuity would never have been tolerated 50 years ago. The people going down there would have been rounded up by the local police, arrested and beaten like the riffraff they are. Unfortunately, order and tradition have been thrown to the wayside. The (((media))) has spent years tearing apart the fabric of Southern Christian society. We now live in late stage Weimerica.

I know most that I have written so far is simple ranting. Most typical conservatives and modernist Christians would reply with either “well, there’s nothing we can do about it, so let it go” or “if we are mean to these people they won’t be saved, so we should embrace them with open arms.”  These timid weaklings are partially the reason why this all was able to happen in the first place. The “live and let live” mentality harbored by these people should be utterly rebuked.

The answer to these problems rely in their failures. We can take our youth back. We must hammer into their heads the love for Dixieland, honor and Christian morality and have utter contempt and hatred for the people and acts taking place on beaches like Panama City. Yes, this might sound radical, but young people usually only understand and respect extremes. This is how they were corrupted by the media in the first place. The media has indoctrinated them with the negro pop music and GloboHomo teachings.

Most normie parents don’t approve of this spring break debauchery stuff, but have nothing else to attract their kids to. These parents are shocked when their children grow up to hate them and disrespect them. You can’t combat a radical determination to turn your children into alcoholic and drug addled libertines with only a weak-hearted disapproval. More has to be done.

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You’d be a damn fool to let your daughter go here.

If you’re a Southern father, you should drive into your boy’s head that they are Southerners and should be proud of that. Not only that, but they should be ready to push back against anyone who hates our people and our values (that includes the participation in the slow self-suicide and soul corrupting activities of today’s spring break). Teach them to have a righteous hatred in their hearts for people like (((George Soros))) and (((Sumner Redstone))). Tell them the true history of the Southland, instead of letting them learn the lies of public schools.  Teach them to respect proper ladies and to scorn female trash. Teach them to love their own race and not to become a Negrophile blasting jungle music out of their cars and lifted trucks.

Teach your daughters to be proper ladies and that feminism is a toxic cancer, straight from the test tube of Satan. Tell them the full horrors of what happens to naive girls who go off to hang around black “players.”

Of course, this should all be a gradual process, as you won’t get anywhere starting off a toddler on complex historical situations. Take time to raise your youth right or your’re sacrificing them to Weimerica’s beachfront property.

-By Richard Ewell, Georgia Nationalist