The Godcast Episode 66: Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Counter-Revolution

On this week’s episode, The Nicene Council consists of Myles Poland, General Belisarius, RightWingNut, and SuperLutheran.

During the first hour, the Nicene Council addresses Jewish revolutionary spirit and how it persists. During the break, GoodSkeltal returns with SuperLutheran for another installment of Between Two Thuribles. Finally, the Nicene Council returns from the break to discuss whether or not it’s acceptable for Christians to join a revolution, and whether gripping the chain link fence is an act of despair or martyrdom.

Referenced this episode:
Dr. E. Michael Jones on The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit
Was the American Revolution a violation of Romans 13:1-7?

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One comment

  1. (((Zuckerberg))). He could have been a billionaire and let Facebook remain a social networking platform. But no, the elitist Jew in him took over. And he had to use his power to try to influence elections and denigrate the goyim’s culture.

    His subversive use of power so perfectly illustrates the thesis of Henry Ford’s book, “The International Jew”. In short, wealth alone is not enough for the international Jew. He must use his power to dissemble.