Prominent Generation Identity Figures Detained, Members Attacked By Far Left Ahead of Conference

Martin Sellner and Bódi Ábel, respectively of Austria and Hungary were detained at Stansted Airport in London ahead of a planned speaking engagement. They were en route to a private conference organized by the U.K. and Ireland wing of Generation Identity, a network of identitarian groups promoting right-leaning ethno-cultural and political perspectives across Europe. This is the second time Sellner has crossed swords with the Home Office in less than a month for “anti-Muslim” activism in the increasingly draconian British police state.

Generation Identity, which is active in thirteen countries and counting, has gained prominence among far-right activists in recent months for eschewing political violence and negative rhetoric in favor of clean aesthetics and a forward-looking, tech savvy approach to nationalist politics. Sellner has emerged as the movement’s most visible figurehead following a spike in popularity due to his role in organizing “Defend Europe,” a 2017 campaign targeting the Mediterranean boats that carry illegal migrants from Africa to Europe’s Southern rim. The pair were briefly held at Colnbrook Detention Center , but were both released by press time. In a Tweet following the incident Sellner indicated that he was detained initially for possessing items that indicated extremist political views including a book about German philosopher Martin Heidegger, a copy of The Strange Death of Europe, his speech, and assorted clothing items. Sellner is back in Vienna, and Bódi has released a YouTube video detailing his experience.

Despite the detention of keynote speakers, Generation Identity UK & Ireland went forward with plans to hold the day-long conference on the 15th. The group reportedly conducted the event successfully, despite contradicting claims from “Hope Not Hate,” who claim to have disrupted the event within fifteen minutes. Generation Identity’s Facebook page published several lengthy videos, appearing to discredit the claims of the far-left counter-organizers.

Video footage of left-wing demonstrators physically assaulting persons identified as Generation Identity members has since appeared in British media outlets, and at least one leftist demonstrator was arrested, but no condemnation of unprovoked political violence against what appears to be a peaceful gathering is yet forthcoming from representatives of Theresa May’s Government.

“Hope Not Hate,” the group that claims to be responsible for publishing the location of the conference exhibits a particularly shrill tone when referring to Generation Identity. Dr. Joe Mulhall, a representative of “Hope Not Hate” recently told Independent “while small, they are incredibly active, and the worrying thing is they are very professional, very organised and tech savvy, and their imagery is very professional. Their website is streets ahead of other far-right groups in Britain. And they’re young,” further suggesting their brand of activism represents the “new breed.”

-By Fulwar Skipwith