What If We Don’t Mr. Wicker?

Here recently, Republican Senator of Mississippi, Roger Wicker, was interviewed on Tucker Carlson. This interview opens up with an honest question of how regime change in Syria would serve American national interest. To which this elected official of the American people responds, “Well if you care about Israel, you have to be interested at least at what’s going on in Syria. Uh we are fighting Isis there, uh Iran is seeking to dominate the whole region. I think we have national interest in Syria.” He “thinks” we have national interest there.

Not only does the Senator not know whether we have reason to play God in Syria, his opening statement hinges on “if” we care about Israel. Now this seems to me like Mr. Wicker has forgot the question before it’s even left Tucker’s mouth. But of course mid-terms are coming up and he is doing what all politicians do, by pandering to his base. You know us backwoods, uneducated, Fundamentalist, Bible believing Christians. “If” we care about Israel like our preachers say the Bible tells us to, then it would almost be a sin to vote for anyone else. There’s only one problem here though. “If“.

What “if” we, as Christians, actually opened our Bibles and upon reading them realized there’s no passage declaring that our duty as the Church is to rage unholy wars in the name of Israel? What “if” we are tired of sending our sons and daughters to go die in a strange place for a people that care nothing for them? What “if” we were to realize Christians are being persecuted in Israel, while Assad has been trying to protect them in Syria? What “if” we actually judge these trees by the fruit they bear? What “if” we remember 1 John 2:23 “Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: (but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also.”? What “if” we started acting in the best interest of those that chose Jesus, instead of those that were glad to see him crucified? And when it comes to whether or not we care what a small fragmented country can do to Israel, what “if” we don’t.

The fact that when it comes to the question of American lives, your first response is about the welfare of another country is beyond sickening. You were not elected by the people of this great land to go play Israel’s whore. You sir, were put into office to help guide and protect this land. America. “If” you care so greatly for Israel then please drop out of your bid for reelection, and go be a missionary there. Surely you at least believe they need Christ like the rest of us mortals. Put words into action. Your actions. Not the actions of our young men and women that very well may cost them their lives. We may be backwoods and uneducated Mr. Wicker, but we are no longer being played the fool.

See you at the ballot.


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