Restore the Masculine – Rite of Passage

This Modern world is populated by mothers and sons…period! And this, to a great degree, is the cause of all of our current woes. I would go so far as to say there are virtually no real men alive on the planet today. This is because, unlike females, males need specific rites-of-passage to transform them from boys into men. This ensures that the boy be torn away from the ‘immanent‘ world of woman and initiated into a ‘transcendent‘ world of man.

Rites-of passage require three stages:

1) Separation from the world of woman. Ideally, there should be no exposure at all to a woman’s presence or images. This is an incredibly difficult task in today’s pornographized reality – in which images of females in states of undress abound and real-life females emulate these images in both dress and mannerisms.

But as long as the boy remains connected via a psychic umbilical cord to his mother he will continue to reflexively pursue woman for the purposes of validation, and strive to fulfill her needs and her wants and her desires. In effect, he will never attain to an independent masculine presence that would act as a conduit to draw in transcendental energy which would regenerate the Earth and transform human relations.

2) Transition. This is a period of testing for the boy, in which his newly found masculine powers are tested and honed. More importantly, he is now initiated into explicitly masculine rituals and modes of being. Some go so far as to say that only Elder males, who themselves have been initiated, can then confer an initiation. And what now that there are virtually no initiated elder males in the world? This dearth will need to be addressed!

3) Re-incorporation. An acknowledgement of a successful transition from boyhood to manhood. The boy has died and the man is now welcomed into the community to perform the functions which his gender allocates to him.

Whatever solutions we propose to the madness of Modernity, I fully believe re-instating rites-of-passage to transform boys into men be at the crux. Binding Heaven and Earth is a man’s prerogative and we require real men to accomplish this looming task for the revolution in consciousness ahead of us.

-By Kain JC