The Feminist Playbook: Indoctrinating Women

Below is the playbook for encouraging women to hate men in the West. It is a very popular and successful SOP. In addition, it can be used not only against men, but other ethnic groups that pose a problem to globalists and other unsavory actors.

1) Give them a convenient scapegoat; in the West, this is ‘man‘. In the same way that white privilege has became the source of all societal ills during the Current Year, men in the West have become the source of all oppression under the reign of Feminists. The ideal scapegoat is the one unable to defend or oblivious of the need to defend against all accusations.

2) Manipulate all media and educational outlets so that only negative stereotypes and portrayals of the scapegoat (man) prevail.

3) Excise any and all positive portrayals of the scapegoat; or else manipulate these so that they now appear as negatives, i.e. Men slaving and breaking their backs to build shopping malls for women to play in gets re-framed as corporations exploiting women – ignoring the fact that women list ‘shopping‘ as their favorite activity!

4) Fabricate new laws which limit the expression of the scapegoat and justify these limitations as necessary precautions against the evils of the scapegoat.

5) Deny the scapegoat any and all access to a healthy identity except the one delivered and approved by the indoctrinator.

6) Ensure that the scapegoat has no recourse to defend against indoctrination and defamation – label any attempts to do so as signs of aggression and violence which must be curbed.

7) Re-engineer all of society to reflect the values and ideals of the indoctrinating class til the scapegoat begins to suffer under this yoke and shows signs of maladaptation to the new system i.e. increased death-rates; especially higher suicide-rates, which are a golden standard that symbolize an experience of severe oppression.

Male suicide rates are through the roof in comparison with those of females in virtually every country on the planet. An obvious indication that the systems in place favor the development of females, but are expressly hostile to the formation of masculinity.

8) Repress and divert from evidence, such as this, that would challenge the edifice of lies and deception manufactured by the indoctrinator. Or else, re-frame it in an attempt to hide its implications i.e. males are not dropping off like flies in comparison with females because they exist in a reality designed to be antagonistic to their needs but because they don’t express their feelings!

Simplistic reductions such as these actually create neuronal connections in the brain so that individuals are literally unable to ‘see‘ reality for what it is.

9) Following all of the above steps actually helps create situations of ludicrous hypocrisy.

For example, women marching with placards labeling men as oppressors whilst walking on pavement laid down by men; women writing treatises on the sins of manhood using technology invented by men: computers, the www, Microsoft, etc; women creating gender studies classes that vilify males in a university-environment which is a concept invented by a man; on campuses built by male-labor; women exercising their right to vote and the freedom of speech to demonize males solely as a result of concepts such as ‘democracy’ and ‘egalitarianism’ which could never have arose in a female-mind…ad infinitum!

10) Shunning and silencing the extremely rare individual that recognizes these practices for the malevolent gender dystopia overlords that they represent.

Here’s an example of these practices. Recently, in an online group a female responded to one of my posts by commenting that life in India – her native land – is very dangerous for a woman. She proffered this up as if it required no explanation and she made no attempt to qualify it in any way. The assertion was supposedly self-evident.

As a rhetorical ploy, she stated it in order to end the discussion. After all, should a woman invoke female-suffering the intended result is usually to evoke pity for her plight and to frame it as a direct result of men’s actions, so that I, as a man, have no recourse but to muzzle myself.

I have experienced this tactic on numerous occasions, especially when drawing attention to the plight of men in my own country, Australia.

Often, I will resort to hard evidence such as citing suicide rates and other causes of death for males in Australia. The figures for virtually all forms of death for men vastly outnumber that for women – leading Warren Farrell to correctly label men ‘the death-sex.’

Women may eventually accede to my point that if men are dying in ways that women are not then this indicates that men don’t have it so good after all – but often, they will come back with something along the lines of that being the case here perhaps, but that we still have a long way to go with regards to the plight of women in the Third World.

Well, needless to say, I am very suspicious of such claims: since I have witnessed just how adeptly Feminists can manipulate and distort evidence in this country – where evidence is relatively easy to obtain and assess – I certainly don’t trust them blindly when they attempt to interpret reality at a cultural remove.

So, I decided to test the woman’s claim for myself: that India was a very dangerous place for women.

I unearthed some ‘real’ evidence. As I suspected, the men in India have it so much worse. Suicide rates for the men were on average twice as higher. And in the capital, Delhi, murder rates for women were decreasing whilst those for men were on the rise. Again, over four times as many men were killed in any given period as were women. I think it is safe to assume that ‘death-rates’ are a good indicator of danger levels?

So what’s going on here? Why is reality consistently being ignored in order to perpetrate scare-tactics? And how is this accomplished?

It is accomplished by presenting information pertaining to women as if it occurs in a vacuum. By an exclusive focus on the problems that women face, with no mention at all of those faced by men, the perception is fostered that men don’t suffer at all – and that the suffering of women is both problematic and consuming.

It certainly could be, but as I have exposed, in India’s case, life may well be dangerous for the women, yet in contrast, it is absolute hell for the men!

-By Kain Jc