Scalabaggers: Dixie’s Greatest Enemy

Most of us recognize that yanks and Dixians are indeed separate tribes, even though they share the same hair, skin and eye colors, and that these tribes are genetically and culturally distinct. I submit that there has emerged a third tribe, mostly since losing our war for independence.

They are the Scalabaggers, the descendants of the original scalawags and early carpetbaggers who intermarried and are continually infused with influx of scalawags and carpetbaggers right up until today. The criteria for being a scalawag are simple; you are (a) a Dixian by birth and (b) a traitor. Carpetbaggers are, of course, the yanks that came down during the Violation era and continue to do so today. So you could say that the studbook for this tribe is still open. You might find some new members that are 100% Dixian by genealogy who were admitted based on their scalawag credentials and you might find some yank that married into the tribe.

With the Scalabagger designation, I am not referring to Dixians who may have some yankee in the family tree somewhere. I am referring to the descendants of opportunistic traitors (scalawags) and yankee invaders (carpetbaggers) who have by and large converged into one tribe over time and who primarily occupy urban and suburban areas. No doubt many of them have since scattered to cities throughout the empire and beyond, but I suspect they still exist in significant numbers in Southern cities and if they have any Southern identity at all they pride themselves in not being like us. They will try to score “Southern charm points” wherever they can, but as soon as they think being associated with the South might cost them social points they will be the first to say “We’re not ALL like that, y’all.”

There will be other clues in their language. They will often identify as “from the South” rather than as “Southerners” and will always refer to our land as “the South” rather than “Dixie”. Yanks might smirk if they call it Dixie. After all, it is a low class, redneck word that somebody that listens to Hank Williams Jr would use.

They are a breed of social climbers who disdain us and are happy to continue climbing at our expense any time they get the chance. Of course, they don’t really want to be rid of us because we give them someone to be better than, especially now that it is no longer acceptable to be better than negroes. Their identity is as duplicitous as our greatest allies. They are “fellow Southerners” with one breath and “not THAT kind of Southerner” with the next. When the chips are down, you can bet they will remain faithless. They are the traitor within the gate. They are Dixie’s greatest enemy.



  1. Scalabaggers is a real term and very evident especially in the upper South and Florida. I could be wrong but I think they are often referred to as ‘liberals’ by many in the more moderate right.