Scalawags & (((Slime))) in Georgia

I believe Georgian Southern Nationalists have a much more determined and ingrained opponents than our fellow Southern Nationalist in other Deep South states. For one, we have the New South mythos to deal with that hangs over Georgia like a cloud. I am talking about this false philosophy that money and business is everything and thus we should sacrifice everything to fatten our check books. This warped mentality is very alien to Dixie and indeed was transplanted by the Yankee in the post-war years.

The idea of the New South, at first, had some very respectable qualities when it first was thought up by native Georgian Henry Grady during the post-antebellum years. Grady, for one, was by no means a cultural Marxist, nor did he in any way believe in the false myth of equality. The New South idea by Grady has been bastardized and has abandoned all principles of the Old South and our traditions. The man who personifies this pitiful mindset is our current governor, Nathan “Straddle Bug” Deal.

Governor Deal has repeatedly betrayed and surrendered our Southern traditions to the Godless corporations and Hollywood. What I largely speak of is his cowardly veto of the Religious Freedom Bill in 2016. This man who is supposed to be the defender of our honor and traditions, but instead gave it all up to appease vile degenerate outsiders (think the sodomites at Salesforce). In 2016, when the General Assembly passed the Religious Freedom Bill, the Empire State was made a prime target by the leftist transnational corporations.

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(((Marc Benioff))) – looks like a trustworthy guy, amirite?

The coalition of powerful vile corporations self-proclaimed as “Georgia Prosper” led by Californian (((Marc Benioff))) decided to make Georgia the next battleground for the social war sweeping across America. I was actually excited at first, since I had been following the wicked crusade of Benioff and his morally debauched queers in other states. I saw the crafty Benioff ostensibly defeat Indiana’s Religious Freedom Bill in 2015. Benioff had used the same devious tactics he would use in Georgia – which was economic black mail and bold threats to destroy the state’s economy.

This threat shouldn’t be taken lightly, I take it as as a malicious threat to take food off the tables of our peoples (one that should be matched with the utmost defiance). I was infuriated at the actions of Benioff and the other CEOs, he was able to get away with such bold threats and attacks on Christian morality in their despicable crusade for queer rights. This was the first time I came to see these globalist businesses as just as big a menace as the Federal government. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against your local Mom & Pop store or restaurant, but I hate these powerful multi-national corporations usually run by Jewish cosmopolitan oligarchs.

These businesses had ganged up on the Christians of Indiana, in support of their queer reprobates. Benioff also led the charge in the summer of 2015 against South Carolina to rob them of the great Southern cross. Now, he had come to Georgia to do the same, I was hoping for a showdown in which we would finally rebuke him and his corporate schemers. I couldn’t wait for the state to finally tell these despicable cultural Marxist to buzz off. I was hoping Georgia could become the stronghold state of morality and Christian values. “Straddle Bug” Deal crushed all my hopes.

In the few months before Deal’s decision, the sports leagues (Falcons) and Hollywood (including Disney) jumped on Benioff’s fag wagon. The plutocrats were now ready to pounce on our dear Georgia and thus they did. Where was our governor? Hiding under his desk like a weak knee coward with his tail between his shaking old legs. He let the state be dishonored by these sleazy CEOs and even worse Hollywood! He capitulated!  He forfeited private property rights to the perverted evil homosexuals. How dare he commit such a crime and betray the honor of Georgia. Governor Deal has proven himself a gutless turd unworthy to be called Governor of Georgia! His weakness has damned us all in disgrace. Hollywood now stays and has made many degrading movies about the South on our own soil.

The anti-Southern (and anti-white) movie “The Free State of Jones” was filmed here on Georgia soil – this was a direct slap in the face to the people of the South whose brave ancestors fought for the Confederacy. I suspect this was meant to rub salt in the wound. These devious movie producers come to Georgia because it is cheap, not because they have some love for our people and soil. They benefit not the Georgian people, but they take advantage of our state. Deal forfeited our rights and honor to appease the godless queer lovers. His cravenness will go down as the most gutless thing done by a Georgia governor since Roy Barnes took down the old Georgian banner in 2001.

We must and have to rebuke all these scalawag boot-lickers in our state. We can look back for inspiration to the great Georgia heroes like Senators Tom Watson and Robert Toombs. Both men who hated this covetous society based on monetary gain over standards and traditions. We must remain vehement and challenge openly this scalawag mentality harbored by individuals like Deal.

This mentality isn’t something we can vote away, its something that we must challenge in the public space as wrong and revolting.

Tradition, honor and God should always be first before filthy money tainted in weakness and capitulation.

-By Richard Ewell, Georgia Nationalist