Deny Bleak Modernity: The Opioid Crisis

I don’t believe I need to go onto much depth in regards to the opioid epidemic and how deeply it effects Dixie. I’m also not the best at (or even average) investigating how deep of a role that pharmaceutical companies play and whether the state may also contribute. One might ponder the culture war, specifically the predominant leftist attitude of letting your freak flag fly. Allowing the individual to come to their own conclusion if mind altering chemicals are beneficial to them. Thus, a ever laissez faire approach to recreational drug use. Or, the many other ways the dismantling of traditional Western culture has lead us to where we are now. Rather, I’d like to attempt to look at this in quasi philosophical manner.

When I became interested in right wing ideas I was incredibly fortunate to stumble across Jonathan Bowden. Bowden, if you don’t know, was a tremendous orator. He seemed to have the ability to comment on anything in regards to rightwing thought. If you’re unfamiliar with him, I will link some videos below. But one of the most profound things that he spoke of was his position of inequality as a moral good.

Citing nature, in that it is fundamentally unjust and unequal. And, since man is of the natural world as well, we cannot escape it despite whatever pedestal we put ourselves on. With all that said, you are born what you are. This doesn’t negate potential. More on that later.

However, maybe that does mean one’s future is drug addiction. A common take on that is these people are human refuse and not worth saving. Indeed, there will be cases where this is true, but I can’t help but think how many times this could have been avoided if our ideas of tradition, honor and discipline were the culture norm. I believe the concept of the rugged American individual has been used against us. The individual is now sacrosanct. Vaulted above God, country, community, and, perhaps worst of all, family.

The concept of culling the weak from the herd is, at its core, a leftist tactic. If you ply them with hedonism and no responsibility to anything, they are easier to control. The contrary would be the introduction of where you come from. This is incredibly important as a Southerner. I’d venture to say the say the South has the longest uninterrupted written history as a people in North America. Think of the potential of teaching someone their lineage stretches back hundreds of years. Their family names, in many cases, traced back to specific European regions (English counties for instance), linking them to even more history of where they come from. The concept that you are here because your forefathers strived for greatness and that they wished the same for you is a foreign concept today.

Contrast that to the nation of immigrants story we hear on a daily basis. Our people are builders and settlers. Not rent seekers and free riders. I believe if we were able to again invest our young into our history, rather than teach them they live outside it as an observer, or worse, a judge of it, atomization would be far less prevalent. The leftist tactic of individualism only leads to deracination of a people.

The idea that you come from something bigger than yourself and you are responsible for the greatness of the future, should be a premium that is handed down. This can come in many forms. Our God (religion), our philosophy, our art. These things together or separate are powerful esoteric vehicles of empowerment. And, empowerment is exactly what we lack today.

Bowden: “Thinking is the important thing. Being white isn’t enough. Being British isn’t enough. Know what you are.

Reconstruction has never ended. But, if we empower ourselves with our history and everything that is beautiful that sets us apart from the rest of the country, that like mindedness will make the coalitions easier to build. Perhaps, then it’s time we take back our local institutions: schools, churches, businesses.

And then, we retake everything.

-By Robert Hoke