You Can’t Stop What’s Comin’

Our current system of Globalization and ruthlessly-enforced Cultural Marxism is unsustainable even in the relatively short term. Although it’s still in control, the Establishment cannot simultaneously engage in the destruction of the West while maintaining a grip on it. Systemic breakdown is inevitable and the fatal cracks have already become visible. Once this process of failure plays itself out, sustainable solutions will be required. The White Nationalist movement arose to offer solutions for survival in face of the suicidal insanity we’re all forced to endure at present. It’s not a quixotic crusade motivated by irrational hatred of people who are different. We know that what’s going on isn’t working, and we know why it isn’t working.

A huge obstacle we’ve got to overcome is that while the Overton Window has shifted due to Trump and the Afro/Islamic invasion of Europe, we’re not allowed to participate in mainstream discourse. If we’re mentioned at all, it’s to be libeled as deranged extremists unwittingly spurred to action by Vladimir Putin. This combination of censorship and chicanery doesn’t look set to change anytime soon. We’re not going to change the consensus of the Establishment.

It can be frustrating to spend lots of time noticing, studying, and commenting on issues pertaining to our movement while having to accept the fact that “normal” people in your life are often oblivious to them. For instance, I recently wrote a lengthy piece for Fash the Nation’s website detailing why the programs and governmental structures that the Baby Boomers will be relying on in their retirement will become insolvent. It’s my contention the inability to pay for either the Boomers or the Ascendant will, among other things of grave importance, be a major catalyst for scarcity-driven social conflict in the coming years.

I’ve cited many of the facts and figures from that article in numerous conversations with Boomers, and most have been taken aback by them. None have been able to offer even a feeble counterfactual. The narrative is that America is a nation of immigrants from everywhere on Earth, and that a vast influx of these people will ensure their sustenance in retirement. That’s the opposite of reality and it’s difficult for anyone marinated in propaganda to conceptualize. It’s a shame, because ignorance is only bliss temporarily.

We’re in an existential crisis. People need to suffer existential consequences in order to recognize what’s going on, and suffer they will. Some in our movement would condemn me as an “Accelerationist” for accepting that fact. I reject that label because I don’t want things to get worse for any of us. However, I just recognize that in the short term, it what’s going to happen. It’s uncomfortable, but there’s a silver lining: The consequences of reality have a way of curing delusional thinking. So, buckle up. The Establishment is losing control of the narrative, and they’ll lose control of a lot more once the consequences of their suicidal agenda really set in.

Both the need for White Nationalism and the opportunities for its implementation are predicated upon the self-destructive nature of what’s going on at the moment. We’re advocating for what comes next.

Where does that put us at present? Well, we’ve lots to do:

  1. Establish and nurture our families
  2. Raise awareness about what’s going on and explain the merits of our solutions
  3. Highlight irrational fallacies that normal people are forced to rationalize to themselves
  4. Point out the harmful consequences that they will be forced to endure
  5. Avoid being frustrated by idiots who are unreceptive to reality

This too shall pass. If we want something better once it does, then we’ve got to lay the groundwork right now.

-By Tommy Shackleford


  1. Join The Honorable Resistance. There’s millions of dirt people who are the Honorable Resistance. Thats what we are. Honorable. We learn to live with less, which is more, because we self determine. We learn new skills, trades, we grow our food, we live off grid, build our own, we barter & trade, we make our word our bond, we pay less taxes, we build family, tribe, community. We get right with God, we get right with ourselves, we know it all begins with each of us before all of us. We build strength through being the example, it is how we do more than we thought possible. We understand our rifles are our property. That is the first thing. That man made “laws” have nothing to do with it, we don’t give a damn, that those primal rights exists no matter what other men say or do. We create tangible wealth, that all wealth originates from physically working for it by using our labors, and no where’s else, no matter the trade craft or vocation. The buck really stops with us. We understand consent is something unique in all of human activity, that our consent can only be given, not taken. That this is the only true power that exists, that our arms are for defending the fruits of our consent, as that first thing, without this we can not defend & protect all the other components of our liberty. That there is no compromise on this. That even the tyrants gun or rope can not force consent, that we always have that choice to withdraw consent or give consent.
    That “I Won’t!” is the most powerful weapon ever devised.
    That it is the dirt people who all have effected positive change in this world.
    Ask Jesus Christ. The greatest revolutionary who ever walked God’s green Earth.
    That we are legion, that we are a plurality like none else, that we are Men of The West, that our Grecco/Roman Christian culture is the Acme of prosperity & happiness. That we validate every day through our actions. That political philosophy, in line with history, science, reason, and truth, Wins.
    That we are beginning to grok we are a plurality to begin with. That this sea change is upon us.
    That that is the paradigm, the zeitgeist. It isn’t a movement per say. It is a hearts & minds seceding from tyranny.
    That our founders passed on a legacy, which is not completed, that regardless of the tribulation and evil which abounds, we are presented with an opportunity that comes only once in an age, where we have within us the means to not only be victorious, but to come out the other side of this tribulation better, stronger, more prosperous, richer for it than we can hardly imagine.
    This is The Honorable Resistance.
    It exists.
    It always has.
    It is out there.
    It is legion.
    And it will find you if you want it.