Condescending Yankees and Mutual Separation

Last November, The Huffington Post published an article by one David Fagin titled, “Now is the Perfect Time for the North and South to Divide.” He makes the argument to his readership that the Yankee would be better off by far if they didn’t have to periodically cater to the interests of Southerners.

He goes on to characterized us in the following quote as being reliant on:

Fox news, fake news, hackers, conspiracy theories, coal mines, fraud, misdirection, racism, stupidity, ignorance, warm beer, Jesus (a Jesus who hates anyone and anything that isn’t Christian), Trump, Hillary-bashing-as-a-sport, and guns. And more guns.” 

My feelings on these priggish remarks aside, I can agree on one thing with the author of this shit-tier article, we need a (preferably peaceful) divorce from this Union. It’s our only option with all the widely divergent demographic groups within the decaying American Empire, the growing polarization of political ideologies, utterly irreconcilable differences in culture, tradition and moral character. It’s gotten to the point where any one group’s success or furtherance of their goals comes at the expense of someone else’s “freedom” and sense of “right.”

It must be understood, without any doubt, that there are few things your so-called countrymen hate more than you, Southerner. The liberal urbanite looks down on you with a sense of mistrust and abject disgust. If we were all to disappear without a trace tomorrow, they would be overjoyed and consider the world a much better place.

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What did (((Tim Wise))) mean by this?

One need only look at the insanity that followed the election of Donald Trump to see how truly screwed up this country has gotten. Where more rural citizens, or those with a streak of nationalism, see a glimmer of hope that the country will be more prosperous and secured against external threats, to the city-dwelling “progressive” it might as well be Armageddon. They really do think Trump is a fascist dictator. That says a lot about their completely delusional mindset. 

Then, also consider that even if we were able to get past those aforementioned differences, the political system in this country is so broken, corruption so entrenched, and politicians so utterly ignorant of the wants and needs of the citizenry (along with countless other problems), the idea of reforming the federal government has about the same chance of success as attempting to draw blood from a stone. The Empire’s debt is currently at 21 trillion, debt per citizen is over 64,000 dollars and debt per taxpayer is greater than 170,000 dollars. This isn’t going to work out. 

Ask yourself, shouldn’t we aspire to have a nation that is truly ours and reflects the culture and values of its people? A peaceful separation would likely be beneficial to both nations, as we could pursue unhindered policies that we desire. Even if we only had the states of Florida, Georgia and Alabama, Dixie would have one of the strongest economies in the world, and we would even be able to feed most of it by ourselves. Granted, a tremendous amount of work would be required to curtail the dangerous path much of the citizenry is currently on, whole transplanted populations that would need to emigrate,  reckless state spending would need to be stopped and state-leadership replaced. 

Rather than remain in the “Union” (really just a suicide pact of the states at this point) that is not entirely beneficial to either side, with people who hate and despise us, why not work toward real independence, seize our destinies and strive for a virtuous society which reflects our character as a people? Build up something stronger than what we’ve inherited and allowed to degrade. 

We can do this. We need to normalize secession – in public space, social media and personal interactions. We’re can’t go down with this ship (the Empire), that’s not an option for us or our posterity. There’s no other choice.

-Clinton Cooke


  1. Good article. You’ve got me reconsidering secession now. I didn’t really object to it before, except I was worried about its aftermath (war from the Federales). But now it’s beginning to look like they are going to war on us, whether we secede or not! So that leaves us with little choice in the matter.

    1. Great Article . I completely agree on normalizing Secession in the public space . You made great&solid points in this that even your slower normies could grasp .