Salvation or Shitposting?

I don’t think people really want to “win” this thing. I’m not even sure if people really believe their own rhetoric anymore. I think it’s just easier to watch the world burn, provide some pithy commentary and bask in it all. How else can you explain the complete lack of willingness to move a finger to make a real difference for your people?

Sure, it feels good to bitch and moan about the issues we face, to be more extreme than the next guy and shit talk about those other guys, who aren’t doing shit either. There’s another path forward than that though.

Instead, why not:

  1. Build a real network that has material and spiritual value for our people?
  2. Build a real tribe?
  3. Pass on a new car or let your credit score be affected to begin to get yourself out from under the system?
  4. Put any effort at all into doing 1/10 of what our ancestors did to create everything we say we value?

What’s that you say? “Fuck. No. Too much work. I’d rather meme and shitpost on the internet all day.”

There are 1,000 reasons to just bitch about how it won’t work. 1,000 conflicts and ideologies to muddy the water and bog us down. It’s much easier to just whine on the internet, cry over what used to be and pretend what’s coming is (((everybody))) else’s fault.

No way our inability to have any kind of standards for entry and kind of value for membership has anything to do with it. You can’t keep telling yourself that – not for long, anyway.

Sure, we can talk about what to do, make podcasts about it, write 6,000,000 articles about it, but make actual progress on the ground for our people? Nope. This has, sadly, become an online strategy game for broken and neglected people.

We want to build a Nation, but can’t build an operational IRL group that is more than getting shit faced and getting young guys fired and doxxed. We can’t build a Lincoln Log cabin, but we sure have plans for our own Empire State Building don’t we?

We should be building arks and battening down the hatches, but instead we are tying ourselves to a rock, screaming at the rain and watching the water rise. We’re too much like Sisyphus and too little like Noah

There are those that “do,” and those that “say they do.” There are far too many in the latter camp, than the former. You need to start really building those real life communities; 2044 is approaching faster than you realize. Online shitposting is NOT going to make a dent in our impending demographic displacement. Our salvation lies in building protected and sustainable communities.

Get active, get organized, set standards, hold standards and get moving. If that’s too much to ask, I’ll move along, I have an ark to finish building for my family.

Good luck.

-By Chris