The Anti-Gun Movement: Today’s Radical Abolitionists

Y’all might be wondering why I am comparing liberal anti-gun leftists with abolitionists, and as I go forth with my explanation it will be made clear because today’s anti-gun movement is of virtually the same stock as the radical anti-slavery movement in 19th century. How you ask? Firstly, anti-gunners view themselves as morally superior to gun owners in the same way that abolitionists did with slave owners, since like their Yankee ancestors must always impose their views on everyone else. Especially, their Southern neighbors whom they despise and seek to disarm and replace with “vibrant” Third Worlders.

You see, they view Southern gun owners as not only morally inferior, but absolutely evil since we won’t give up our guns (really the ability to defend ourselves). We see young liberals crying on television begging us to conform to their agenda and surrender our God given right to bear arms, since we won’t do that, they seek to make us do so by law. This is much like how the abolitionists, in failing to gain the favor of the rest of America with their anti-slavery propaganda (think Uncle Tom’s Cabin), sought to restrict the rights of Southern slave owners in the western states. This was an effort which closely mirrors the attempts of modern states like California and Maryland to restrict our rights to own guns. What we are witnessing is the Yankee never ending march toward “progress.” And, in order for us to be “progressive” and end “gun violence,” we must give up the only real way to effectively defend ourselves against their tyranny and the majority of crime committed in the American Empire.

One other way today’s gun debate is similar to the slave debate of the 19th century is that, like our ancestors – who feared that the abolition of slavery would bring upon chaos and anarchy, we understand that the only way to legally protect ourselves from chaos and anarchy caused by non-whites is with firearms. Taking guns away from us will only leave us defenseless and at the mercy of the savages. Look to South Africa for the ultimate end-game. The usual suspects will continue to advocate for our disarmament and tie our ability to defend ourselves to “muh white supremacy.”
So these are my points:
  1. Liberals view conservative gun owners as evil and they will stop at nothing in their crusade to disarm us.
  2. Yankee politicians will enact anti-gun laws, much like how they enacted anti-slavery laws, as long as the constitution allows us to own guns.
  3. That our guns are the last line of defense against anarcho-tyranny enacted by the American Empire.
  4. The Constitution guarantees our right to bear arms, who is to say that the US government won’t repeal it? They’ve already stripped away much of our freedoms, the Bill of Rights hasn’t truly existed since 1865, the Empire took away most of our liberties in the name of progress and it’s only a matter of time before they come for our right to defend ourselves.

We’ll defend the 2nd Amendment every step of the way as these zealots seek to make us defenseless for their nefarious goals.

-By James Thornwell