Dildolech: Modernity’s Goddess

“The Left is not anti-Christian. They are against Christians who oppose gay marriage and wish you a Merry Christmas, but they welcome Christians who invoke scripture to march with illegal aliens, raise taxes, and contract Ebola. Similarly, atheists are good insofar as they attack Christians who oppose abortion, but are bad when they criticize Islam.” -Alexander Hart (2015). “Who Needs Facts? Left Forces NC Muslim Killings Into “Hate Crime” Narrative“.

I am a fundamentalist Christian who wants to live in a Bible-based community. Many in the Alt-Right are pagans or atheists. The uniting religious belief among us is that progressivism is itself a religion that is replacing all rival forms of faith. Today, we live in an evil theocracy with a puritanical ethos. The Alt-Right jokingly refers to the goddess of this religion as “Dildolech“. The “dildo” represents an ersatz substitute for the real relationships God intended us to have. The television set is a fake community. Democracy is fake power. Pornography is fake sex. Status-signaling is fake communication. There is an emptiness in our lives that our enemies exploit.”Molech” is the god that demands our children be sacrificed. It doesn’t matter what we tell ourselves about our supposedly-good intentions. You judge a tree by its fruit. We are sacrificing our children to Dildolech and God is watching.

We live in a Dildolech theocracy and our enemies are religious zealots. Fighting Christianity is not going to topple Dildolech because the Culture War is a religious conflict. The Progs hate tradtional Christianity because it’s a threat, so they have hollowed it out to serve them. Controlling the myths the people believe is the key to whether they sacrifice for you. The parasites need sacrifice because they live off of the fruits of the Middle Class. Being religious allows you to fight fire with fire. I wish we could just sit back and watch the trannies castrate themselves, the SJW’s get eaten by their cats, the queers die of their plagues and the liberals go extinct through childlessness, but we are forced to subsidize their behaviour.

Tenets of Dildolech:

1. Background theory about the world: Scarcity doesn’t real, Liberal Creationism–All wymyn are created equal.

2. Basic theory of human nature: Blank slate, noble savage; Only our intentions matter.

3. Diagnosis of what is wrong: White Daddy is hoarding all the gibs because he’s mean.

4. Prescription: Force daddy to open his wallet, because reasons.

5. Endstate: Shopping malls and White cuck-slaves, aka the Progressive Millennium.

The Left cannot replenish their numbers through birth. Rather, they must steal children from the right-wingers who are having them. That is the only reason they don’t go extinct. The degeneracy spiral of the Left ends in death. Christians should focus on retention instead of evangelism. Fundies who withdraw from public schools and popular entertainment get to have grandchildren. The churches that perform gay marriages are simply becoming eunuchs for Dildolech. They shall shrivel and die. Public school is Dildolech’s state-church and it has a puritanical ethos. In Sunday school, the children are taught about the things they cannot see. In “Monday school”, they are taught about the things that actually contradict what they see.

Dildolech wants your children.

The Dildo Militant:

1. Don’t allow any evidence against Free Lunch theory

2. Question the motives of the critics and humiliate them

Dildolech will use anything she can to prevent local resistance to her intrusion into our communities. Secularism is for attacking the neighbourhood church–not for attacking hostile foreign religions. Christianity is allowed in public only to extol humility and passivity. The 1st Amendment can then be used to deny Christians’ freedom of speech if they become a stumbling block. Dildolech is “progressive” when she buys off the intelligent with state jobs as central planners. She never let’s the experts really rule, though, only to meddle. The 1% rule the progressive class. She uses libertarianism to keep us too individualistic to band together, but she will fight tooth and nail to prevent free markets. Nationalism is for getting soldiers killed overseas, while the country is invaded at home. Take the downside of every creed, put them together, and you will have the tenets of Dildolech.

The Antidote to Dildolech:

1. Physics is a thing, Nature is a bitch, God created it all

2. God made man to worship him, not others

3. Gotta close that wallet loophole

4. Reward good girls and boys, not bad ones

It is a religion made by parasites to disarm the host’s immune system. The Dildolech theocracy, and its rentier priesthood, need those sacrifices instead. Dildolech is the selfish rationalization of stealing the White man’s labour, and they get it by controlling the animating myths that Whites believe in. All gods need sacrifice and men are religious creatures. They just choose the deities unto which they make sacrifice.

Christian Troll Force:

1. Rub noses in evidence

2. Ridicule the signallers

Now here is the mission of every Christian:

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised.”

You have your marching orders, Christian. Now go bring sight to the blind and set the captives free.

Deo Vindice

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