The Last Normal Man on Earth

I wonder if anyone else ever felt like this – the last normal white man on Earth. I know I certainly did before joining the Alt-Right. I’d look around, almost always in a public place, and say to myself, “What the hell happened?” It’s like the American public literally turned into zombies, ghouls or vampires. Where are the normal people?

Now, I don’t live in an upscale area; an area dotted with Whole Foods, outdoor shopping malls, physically fit people comfortable wearing turtlenecks and having graduate degrees. Those are financially walled-off prime SWPL zones. That’s not to say I couldn’t blend in there, it’s just that I live in the hinterlands with the rest of the forgotten people. And, we sure have been forgotten. Forgotten by “our” charlatan politicians. Forgotten by our economy (there’s practically no blue collar skilled work available anymore). Forgotten by our culture. Hell, my people have completely forgotten who they are.

It’s a place where being obese, having purple hair, a dozen piercings, a half-breed child in your arms and wearing pajama pants is considered acceptable for a Saturday afternoon at the grocery store. Or, as my good friend Tommy Shackleford once described the scene as, “An endless parade of human trash.” It’s where out-of-work men start drinking before noon. It’s flyover country that’s routinely poked at, ignored and scorned by coastal elites and college kids. It’s normal to know at least a dozen folks hooked on opioids, many more on means tested benefits. Also, it’s known that too many of my people are already in the ground before they reached the age of thirty. You’re lucky to find a man that hasn’t been divorced before the age of thirty-five.

It’s so bad that I’m considered an outsider for having a college degree, despite my family living here for generations. Think: Fancy pants college boy. It’d be funny in a Southern meme sort of way, but a lot of these folks don’t even know they’re Southern. It’s a class issue. To be more exact, it’s a society that has devolved to the lowest common denominator (white and black): pure unmitigated acceptance of trash behavior in practically all facets of the culture. I’m now seeing the normalization of neck tattoos. Think about that.

To be fair, it’s not completely gone. There’s still some of that down home Southern town feel. The churches still get a good amount of parishioners and you’ll catch hunting trucks lined up and down the rural roads in season. Men can still be men. There’s still that nostalgia for the past. But, it’s slipping further and further away each year.

The cities and suburbs aren’t free from this societal criticism. The countryside’s privacy and remaining genuine culture just makes it more bearable and a little less observable. Instead of good ol’ boys popping pills and on their second marriage before they turn twenty-eight, you have hipsters shooting up heroin outside of dive bars in Richmond and suburbanite teenagers addicted to video games and afraid to talk to girls. All of this ends in a bad place, regardless if your city, suburb or country.

This is bad. And, it’s not normal for a civilization.

I think my first epiphany regarding our decaying dystopia was at a Fas-Mart convenience store off of interstate 95. I pumped my gas and then, like someone raised properly, moved my truck into an empty parking space before going into the store (to free up the pump). Instead of going into the store right away, I sat there and smoked a cigarette. You know, really took my time with it while digging on the radio. Then, I just watched the clientele. People watching at Fas-Mart.

It was at that point that I realized that universal democracy would lead to our eventual civilizational collapse. It’s about the same thing normal people ponder over when they read or shop at an actual Walmart. These people vote? No wonder we’re headed for disaster. This country is plagued by a massive opioid epidemic, almost 80% of the country lives paycheck-to-paycheck and 71% of the public is in debt. The latest numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that 64,070 people died from drug overdoses in 2016. That’s a 21 percent increase over the year before. That’s more deaths than the Vietnam War. You’d have to be out of your mind to think that the average U.S. citizen has any idea on the current trajectory of our nation.

What did I see outside of that Fas-Mart? Obese women ambling about the parking lot. Spitting on the sidewalks. Gaudy clothing. Smoking next to fuel pumps. Garbage brimming out of neglected trash cans. Colored people eating gas station fried chicken and tossing the bones on the pavement. Boomers in NASCAR regalia navigating their expensive and gratuitous RVs between parked cars and gas pumps. Not one normal looking person. Where’d they all go?

I’m old enough to remember what our country used to look like. I wonder how the older generations cope or rationalize the populace’s physical decline to this present state of IRL Idiocracy. How’d we go from the everyday shirt and tie look to grown men in superhero t-shirts and cargo shorts (in the winter time, no less)?

I thought I was alone in observing this mass mortification of our people, until I joined the Alt-Right. Suddenly, I wasn’t alone anymore. Others had noticed our creeping collective abasement. We’re the last (normal) men on Earth. We’re trying to stop our transformation into Nietzsche’s Last Men.”


  1. Yes,this pretty much sums up a lot of our experiences. Thankfully, if not too late, it is the cause for many to wake up from the democrazy that’s been sold to us.

  2. When I engage with the online altright or watch tv I end up wondering where the normal ppl are. Makes me glad to be from Mayberry. To bad it’s being overrun w hispanics, negroes and mulatto children.

  3. I’m 22 and in the last 5 years I’ve had friend killed by nogs,15-16yr old cousins with 3 babies everyone is shipping or doing drugs at 16 yrs+ and horrible poverty. All you had to do was throw in an invasion to sum it all up and the Alt right seemed the only normal position. I tried to fit in but never could and felt alone for a long time as well man.

  4. The trash virus is doing lethal damage to community standards in Australia too. Our sense of beauty defeated, what sartorial or aesthetic atrocity could be so great as to produce a ‘pearl clutching’ moment or cause the eyes to bulge and roll around in their sockets?