Rebel Yell 310: Quo Vadis, Alt-Right?


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This is Rebel Yell – a Southern Nationalist podcast of the Alt-Right. I’m your host Musonius Rufus. Joining me are my cohosts Mencken’s Ghost and Ryan McMahon. For our 91st episode of Rebel Yell, Ryan and I speak to Southern Comfort about which direction the movement should go.

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  1. A very disappointing episode; the hosts should know better than to rancorously dog-pile onto their disgraced friends.

    Is “LARPing” bad? Musonius says so many times in this episode. But I know of a more sinister form of “LARPing” in the Alt. Right. Worse than TWP’s donning-of-the-Dickies. I’ve developed a metaphor to explain it:

    There’s a horror scenario where a farmer’s wife dies and, owing to dark providence, he’s required to choose between having her spirit haunt the place (even though her body is gone), or having her body remain, but animated by who-knows-what unholy spirit.

    The ghost or the zombie, gents?

    The sinister Alt. Right “LARPer” chooses the physical appearance – the “aesthetic” (to use a much-maligned word) – of old Europe, while being animated by some evolutionary, materialist, modern putridity they learned from government school. A putridity that allows for the dishonoring of friends, the empty husk of liturgies, and the wrapping of themselves in historical banners without a hint of the animating spirit of those who created the banners. Pious blankets to cover the devil as a bedfellow.

    Line people up and have them do pull-ups before accepting their honest labor? Seriously? Forge men into perfect Adonises before allowing them in front of a camera?! Navel-gazing about a perfect society, intricately built, piece-by-piece from some pretentious, arm-chair, social-programmer’s imagination?! (Central planners can’t run an economy, but they can dictate cultural norms, apparently?) This is the Zombie option. It’s morally repugnant LARPing; better 1000 plastic helms than that.


    Heimbach has committed a capital crime but for God’s sake, let’s lob our stones with remorse. And let’s remember that we have a savior who forgives adulterers even as he forgives their zealous executioners.