A New Direction

So much of what the American Dissident Right has done since 2015 has been a clusterfuck of wad blowing and spaghetti spilling. That’s a big statement, especially from someone who hasn’t taken part in any street action. Just hear me out for a minute.

I’m not claiming that all street actions are a waste or that they are all optics disasters. The League has fantastic “street actions.” With the exception of Charlottesville, they rarely march in with shields, preferring to stand with flags and signs, planting seeds in people’s minds. We can compare this to actions of other groups, who prefer to show up and hold pitched battles in the streets.

We can’t keep having these pitched battles. We can’t keep having spergs throwing up Roman salutes and “sieg heiling” in the streets for the news cameras.

Of course, we also can’t have the legions of NEETs on 4chan and Twitter ruining the chances of men who will actually push us toward victory. The political career of Paul Nehlen was ruined by this behavior; Paul went from having a real possibility of replacing the increasingly unpopular Paul Ryan to being just another internet antisemite.

After a massive year filled with great and terrible moments, it’s time for the Dissident Right to take a step back. Prudence and patience are virtues necessary at this moment. 2044 is coming, but at the rate we are going, it will be 2024. Our path forward will require a symbiosis between “street activism” and passive outlets.

The New Activism

Done are the days of pitched street battles. Right wingers are notorious for being beautiful losers. This attitude must be abandoned. Every time we meet Antifa in the streets, we only create problems for our guys.

The Battle of Sacramento. The Battles of Berkeley. Charlottesville. Boston. MSU.

Each of these actions served no purpose, but to fight commies in the street. They ended with many of our boys locked up and made examples of in the courts.

Although we must stand behind our men behind the wire, we should also make sure they never get there in the first place.

Proper, prudent activism must have a purpose. No more are the days of counter-protesting Antifa or showing up to act as muscle for charlatans. Any organizational efforts in the public sphere must start with one question: how does this action benefit our group and our people? 

If it doesn’t, don’t do it. Those with no message result to screaming and fighting in the streets. We’ve done this well in the past. Shelbyville, NOLA, Charlottesville 1, as well as, the countless banner drops by groups such as League of the South and Identity Europa are prime examples of actions that work. There were no shields, no Nazi costumes, and no battles that ended with our guys in paddy wagons. Above all that, there were unified purposes at these events.

Going forward, we must focus on presenting our message in ways the average person can understand, without watering it down and without scaring people off.

This is not optics cucking. The purpose of activism is to draw people to our ideas. The key is to present a clear and concise message that will leave people wanting more. We’re not appealing  to normies here, we’re giving them permission to hold our views.

Playing the Long Game

All the banner drops and flyer campaigns are worthless if there isn’t a ready method of obtaining information regarding what we believe.

The Dissident Right has done exceptionally well at disseminating information. Whether it’s through entertaining and informative podcasts on TRS, pro-Southern content from Identity Dixie and Occidental Dissent, big brained neoreactionary thought from Social Matter, or basic pro white content from VDare, we’ve got it covered.

It’s more important to obtain information than to read NEETs LARPing about nigger killing robots. 

Moving forward, our focus needs to be on quality content over quantity. It’s a waste of our resources to give everyone a platform.

Where we fail miserably is creating a system in which we uplift our people.

In addition to outreach missions to help those in our communities that are most vulnerable, we need a program to promote the formation of “anti-fragile” businesses that can also provide jobs to our people. Focusing on trades and other essential occupations is paramount to forming a successful parallel society.

One of our biggest hurdles will be getting our people elected to public office. I’m not talking about federal level politics or even state level, but local level politics.

We need people in every position possible

We need school board members, commissioners, sheriffs, even property assessors and comptrollers. Experience in these arenas will not only help to hold off 2044, but will allow us a much easier transition if we ever are allowed to form our own states.

In addition to forming our own parallel society, we must work within the current framework. We must be active in our churches, becoming an example for younger people who are being pulled away from productive societies by modernity. We also should be active in the traditional “normie friendly” mutual benefit organizations.

This is the nature of our struggle. We must function within polite society while building toward our ideal one. Promoting traditionalism doesn’t mean lacing up jackboots and goose stepping down Main Street; it means having families and being a true example for others. It means building an actual society that people want to be a part of, not being dysgenic NEETs and white trash.

We need to step back and take inventory. We have to do what works, not what gives us a dopamine rush.

Our fight isn’t in the streets, but in the home and church of every white family in our nation. We have a lot of talk about retaking everything, but what’s the good of retaking if we have no one to pass it on to?


  1. At some point you have to question the true motives of the nazi and/or pagan crowd. I can’t know for certain that they are just fools that want attention and will do whatever it takes to get it, but it sure does explain the behavior better than healthy, adult patriotism does.

  2. This is a really excellent article and I think it can serve as a primer for building new networks at the ground level. In addition to having folks get involved at the local political level, I especially like the appeal to working toward the ideal we want to see and the notion of employment initiatives and helping folks avoid the opioid trap. Since I discovered the hard right this past August, I’ve been looking for palatable, real world policies to get behind (beyond hard line on immigration) and I think you’ve laid the path out here.

  3. I especially like the mention of job networks and entrepreneurship. I been stressing this for a while. We ain’t shit if we can’t keep ourselves employed.