Précis: Put Into Perspective

I find it bizarre, on a Kafkaesque level, that people who live in a society where perversion is the norm, where the institution of holy marriage is mocked, where life in the womb is subject to industrial-scale genocide, and where the government enslaves future generations to permanent indebtedness, feel free to level moral critiques against orthodox Bible-believing Christians in the 19th century South, some of whom had slaves.

I tell you what Mr. 21st Century American Evangelical, I had rather stand as a Southern slave-holder before the Judgement Seat of Christ than as one of the useless contemporary Christians who watched their country sink into perdition, impotent to do anything about it, and yet point the blue finger of censoriousness towards our grandparent’s grandparents.

Our forebears carved a prosperous Christian civilization from a howling wilderness stretching from the Potomac to the Rio Grande in 4 generations and under their tutelage, 400,000 miserable benighted savages from the demon-infested jungles of Africa were civilized, evangelized, taught to work and introduced to monogamous marriage, all while being better fed, better housed and having longer life-spans than any other agricultural peasantry on the planet, to say nothing of 10 fold increase in their population from 1760 to 1860. When contemporary society can boast a similar accomplishment, maybe I’ll listen to these petty critiques.

– Proud Descendant of a Confederate Veteran


  1. Not only did slaveholding planters evangelize Africans more effectively than any of today’s missionaries, they did it sustainably and made a profit rather than depending on donations.

    Anybody serious about evangelizing the savage nations should consider white supremacy as by far the best means to do so.