Right-wingers always dispatch their allies as surplus to their requirements as soon as they think they are succeeding. No one wants to build alliances with others who do not share their hobby horse issue. I call this “mono-causalism”: right-wingers only have one cause and view other causes as not being right-wing. The paleos were a coalition between Christians, libertarians and nationalists. Let’s see what happened to them.

Conservative Christians were supposedly going to rule the country in the 80’s. They thought they could do it by themselves and promptly failed. Pat Buchanan got rid of the libertarians on the campaign trail and went no where. That was the paleo heyday. Libertarians dispatched the racialists when they were ascendent in the Ron Paul Moment. There goes the paleos! A glut of libertines then flooded the Liberty movement and purged the cis-hetero Christian males who form the backbone of the Right. This created the Alt-Right. But some of our leaders have now decided that White Nationalism is the only value of the Alt-Right. WN is the only thing uniting a bunch of Marxists, homofascists, old progressives and Nietzscheans with the paleos.

Now, every argument some Alt-Righters make is just an attack on paleos disguised as WN. The movement says “Don’t punch right,” but they now define “Right” to exclude Christian husbands who own small businesses. Racist progressives can now use WN as an excuse to drive out their conservative enemies. Come to think of it, that’s probably how all those other movements died too. Mono-casualism is obvious in the activist-passivist divide too. Activists only care about activism and not being an activist is just like doing nothing to them. If we can’t purge ourselves to greatness, then what is to be done?

What if we all worked together instead of fought each other? If dominionists, libertarians, and identitarians worked together, then they could share a programme they agree upon. For example, antisemites, libertarians and dominionists all want to destroy the Federal Reserve. The 1920’s-style racist progressives who want to keep the Federal Reserve would be easily out-voted by the others. The Nietzscheans couldn’t purge the Christians, the NatSocs couldn’t purge the libertarians and the Throne & Altar types couldn’t purge the racialists. String together a bunch of policies like this and you would have a united platform against our enemies. We could even solve the passivist-activist debate.

Right-wingers love to fight their brothers too much to ever do such a thing. The Devil uses their fetish to get them to stab their brothers in their back. Such people deserve to be destroyed.

Hey, isn’t that the story of Cain and Abel? Right-wing purgers are not their brother’s keeper.