Enduring Dixie

I have been sitting back and watching without comment over the last few days. Just watching how many are reacting to recent events. The events I’m referring to are regarding implosions within the Alt-Right. I won’t comment on my thoughts on this subject, but it has made me see certain truths, as well as, the character of many individuals. Identity Dixie has been through some very turbulent and trying days over the last year. I have seen things that I thought would surely sink the movement. And yet, these events have not slowed Identity Dixie. Now stop and think about that.

Despite devastating blows and scandal. Besides exposure to dangers that have disintegrated other factions. Identity Dixie still stands. Do any of you understand this grace and blessing? I mean, truly understand what it means to be among these honored and noble men. These men of many backgrounds and station. Men of talent and faith. It was only until I had walked away did I understand myself what I had willingly surrendered. The future of the Southron people transcends any personal gain or glory. It transcends and connects us to our ancestors and their bloody sacrifice so that we could live.

Their sacrifice, when I think about it, literally brings tears to my eyes. Knowing the dread of battle the way they did and yet still not wavering. Do they deserve us do any less?

It is a biased opinion admittedly, but we are the finest outfit in the whole of this movement. God forgive me, but I am a proud and stubborn man. To say though, stop and think why I would hazard to make such a boast. It is not by arrogance or ignorance I would do such a cavalier thing. But, it is evidenced easily.

Identity Dixie has a short history, but it is growing and living. We are Southrons. I’ll say it again, we ARE Southrons! No travail or tempest can destroy us. No threat or doubt can break what has been built. Through toil and dedication of many. To be asked to pitch in or help in whatever capacity asked us is not a labor. It is an honor. An honor that could be lost. An honor that can be taken because of our own short comings or lukewarm attitude. Our place among these men is not guaranteed. It is not something once gained does not have to be maintained. It is not only an honor, but a duty as Southrons.

It is not something to take lightly. There are duties involved in maintaining our place among all these good men. We should accept these duties not only out of a sense of obligation to our ancestors, but out of a sense of obligation and duty to each other. We can do no less. We are accountable to one another. We are duty bound to pick a man up when he stumbles. We are duty bound to help each other maintain the honor of Identity Dixie, as well as our own. To speak to many of the men who are currently disheartened because of what has and is transpiring around us. Do not despair. Heaven understands how to put a proper price on its gifts. The liberation of Dixie and all Her people. The one thing that had escaped our folk in the past will be gained. It will not be easy.

I have no doubts of the future independence of our proud nation. I do not know when it will be or how it will occur. I know, however, that God Almighty Himself has ordained this. I believe it in my heart. He will vindicate us. Knowing this helps me understand that, despite bad times, we will win. Knowing this gives me a positive outlook and courage to face whatever may come. Our children will be free and our nation resurrected from its own ashes. New and thriving. Like our homeland, I have never been abandoned by ID. Even when I deserved to be. Their work, God willing, will outlive us and, in a way, our lives will be the very foundations of the rebirth of this proud nation.

Dixie. Live Free, Deo Vindice

-By Séarlas MacDhúghaill

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  1. Dixie Abu’ ! What I find so inspiring about the articles coming through Identity Dixie is the enduring attachment and loyalty to agrarian values. With brathair MacDhughaill, I wholeheartedly agree.