It Starts With You

Always be improving your fighting position is an axiom that is commonplace amongst the combat arms and special operations communities. In the current stage of our struggle, improving your fighting position means improving your personal life. This means strengthen your body, mind, and advance your personal prosperity. It means having and taking care of a family. This specifically means being the Paterfamilias you were born to be.

Professional activists have very little to offer us in the way of examples or a path to success. A significant portion of the leadership on the far right is made up fame seeking and/or the unwittingly doxxed. This doesn’t mean their motives aren’t pure, but they cannot go back, and must unfortunately live within the confines of being a professional activist (largely unemployable). Honor and bless them for their sacrifice, but don’t follow them into that narrow career field of e-begging for crypto-shekels. That being said, we should support the men that have made those sacrifices on our behalf, and often that means financially.

Anonymity is part of our armor. Our anonymity is not a weakness, and it’s not cowardice. It is a position of strength that allows us to hold these ideas while putting them into practice. Have children, start a business, run for office, serve in a municipal function, be that manager, owner, recruiter that hires white men of good character. Become the mentor that our lost boys need to become successful men. In the event that you are eventually doxxed, you will at least have some steaks in the freezer and a family to provide you with support. Please do not put off living a successful and full life because you hold these beliefs. Embody them, and live them everyday as a successful man.

In prepper/III%er circles there are a lot of fantasies about a great reset coming. That an EMP, great plague, financial crisis, etc will bring salvation from tyrannical government, a shitty job, disliked neighbors, poor relationship, etc. I believe many on the Alt-Right have a similar fantasy about Rahowa. This self-deception is the real misunderstanding that your ability to thrive now, directly correlates to how you will perform and live under more adverse conditions. He who does more to improve himself and his brothers is worth more, to us all.

For those that feel the daily pull “to do something.” Please forget traveling to enemy occupied cities to risk your future prosperity. There are a lot of thought leaders and organization leaders directly promoting left-wing style street activism. For the average right-leaning man this is poor course of action that will likely result in opportunity costs only he and his loved ones will bear.

Workout, get out of debt, get married, have children, get a better job, live within your means, be charitable to your brothers, and put your faith in God. Live today as the example of the man that our culture needs. If your “leaders” aren’t pushing this as their primary message to you, then we need to find new leadership. For the time being, if we are going to venture into meatspace it should be for fellowship and building bonds of trust, not street brawling and leftist style activism. Broken, unsuccessful, and disgraced men will make for poor allies when the real struggle begins.

-By Jack


  1. I can’t tell you how many times I have been accused of being weak because I keep anonymity. As you point out, it isn’t weakness, but a point of strength (for exactly the reasons you give).


  2. For now anonymity is one of our greatest tactical advantages. That is why the left works so hard to dox us. Sure, there is a risk you could get doxxed but at least make them work for it.

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    I have been berated for my attempts at anonymity. People whom I respect have called me all sorts of names, even while they suffer the consequences of their coming out. Are they entirely stupid, brave, brash or sayanim? From the article (matches my perspective):

    Our anonymity is not a weakness, and it’s not cowardice. It is a position of strength that allows us to hold these ideas while putting them into practice.