A Passivist Guide: Sometimes Silence is Golden

The title of this piece is long, but long term passivist goals are not. If you’re not familiar with passivism it is indeed the opposite of activism. Activism is direct, forcing political direction in a very public way. Protest, flash mobs, etc. come to mind. The passivist does not view himself as a citizen that can act within the state to enact change. Rather, the passivist acts as a subversive subject under anarcho-tyranny (which is presently the structure of the American Empire).

This is important for many of us because right-wing ideas aren’t only unpopular, but they are nearly impossible to express in today’s HR happy “inclusive “ work environments. Work is only a means to an end. And, it is not my opinion that those ideas never see the light of day while on the clock. No amount of dog whistling is worth what can be done on your own time building your own networks. After all, business in these times are just an extension of the state and you will be exiled publicly for wrong think.

A video, social media post, a podcast could not only potentially lead to termination, but with virtue signaling put at a premium today your expulsion will be made public. The witch trials will begin in earnest and they will attempt to destroy you completely.

If your ideas are dangerous outside of your profession, what makes you think you’re safe expressing what you may consider low key talking point inside? No jokes about building the wall. No crime statistics. No Euro migrant news (most normies barely understand what is happening in their own country let alone halfway around the world). You’re not gong to redpill that bugman that wants to talk to you about comic book movies. It is not worth the loss, especially if you have a family to support.

Protect yourself from the normie (or the radical SJW) that could hinder your ability to feed your family. Protect yourself from the decaying American Empire. Blend in. Make our enemies work to uncover what we’re trying to accomplish. The passivist’s mindset should be:

“When nothing in society deserves respect, we should fashion for ourselves in solitude new silent loyalties.” – Nicolás Gómez Dávila

Save that energy instead. Create content for the Dissident Right. Our message is immensely powerful and necessary to wake up our people. In addition, find like minded individuals near you. Dialogue with each other. Vet each other. Create that IRL Männerbund. These things are low time preference concepts that could, and maybe should, take years to build. After all, trying to achieve the community you want to live in isn’t easy. If it was easy, anybody could do it.

-By Robert Hoke