How to Create a Fascist

If someone asked me five years ago if trannies and drag queens would be explaining the virtues of cross dressing and anal play to a bunch of children, I would have laughed my ass off and continued sipping my beer. Unfortunately, we live in that world today. And, it’s only getting stranger and more degraded with each passing year. What can come next? A member of the Alt-Right once said the end result of progressiveness is actual cannibalism. A normal person would argue that’s hyperbole, but I’m not so sure about that these days. What springs up to combat this degenerate decline into hedonism and debauchery though? Fascists, evidently. At least, that’s the title thrown at me for disagreeing with our societal deterioration anyway.

For many of us, we just wanted to be left alone. For the younger crowd, it was playing our video games. Watching our movies. Enjoying our music. Find a good woman from a stable family. For the family men, it was having a decent neighborhood, a secure job and good schools for our children. Attend church service like our grandparents. Have expectations for a normal and healthy society.

But, that all had to change.

The Left changed course from (supposedly) helping the little man to hating the white man. You (we) can’t have anything because “whiteness” (along with historical normalcy, masculinity and tradition) are described as oppressive, toxic and, frankly, evil. We must be stamped out. The Democrats have abandoned white people altogether, minus the practically extinct Blue Dogs. The Coalition of the Ascendant is completely averse to anything remotely related to “whiteness.” And, nowadays almost everything is called “white supremacy.”

We’re the scourge that continues the perpetual problems of black under-employment, high incarceration rates and general under-achievement. We’re the totalitarian regime that treats women like second-hand citizens and slaves for the invisible Patriarch Empire. We’re the toothless backwoods yokels clinging to our assault weapons and draconian and theocratic Old Testament Bible. We’re the wolf at the door for the ever present danger of #NeverAgain! A sinister specter that conjures up images of industrial ovens, cattle cars and Hugo Boss uniforms.

It’s been years and years that the Left has screeched that every Republican was a fascist Nazi neo-Confederate hood-wearing evil-doer that hates women, minorities, atheists and smart aleck college kids. No one to the right of George McGovern has been spared the moniker since. And, labeling a regular Joe six-pack with the political and cultural views of John Wayne akin to a Falangist has been the Left’s bread and butter.

Ronald Reagan was a Nazi. “I am scared that if Ronald Reagan gets into office, we are going to see more of the Ku Klux Klan and a resurgence of the Nazi Party,” Coretta Scott King said in November, 1980. If a King said, it must be true.

George H.W. Bush was a Nazi. In the late 1980’s, the Washington Jewish Week (big surprise) disclosed that Vice President George Bush had appointed an ethnic coalition for his campaign that, of course, included a number of outspoken “antisemites” with alleged Nazi and fascist affiliations. The article prompted the resignation of six leaders of the GOP’s ethnic outreach division. Cucks.

Naturally, George W. Bush was also evil (more stupid, but still) and a “fascist.” Literally crazy Keith Olbermann said so back in 2008: “You’re a fascist! Get them to print you a T-shirt with fascist on it!…You, sir, have no place in a government of the people, by the people, for the people.” To be fair, there were a ton of problems with W’s presidency, but this now pitiful painter wasn’t a fascist or a Nazi. A bumbling fool, sure. But, he wasn’t Il Duce by a long shot.

I don’t even need to get into The Donald. He’s Hitler incarnate to a leftist. But, so are we. Not only Hitler, but plain black evil. Why? Because we object to Weimerica. If Bush was labeled a Nazi for bringing “democracy” to Iraq and rolling out Medicare Part D, you can sure as shit guarantee that a heterosexual white man disagreeing with faggy Boy Scout leaders will be called the next Reinhard Heydrich by some pink-haired catlady in the Current Year.

Eventually though, the more you keep calling your political enemies evil fascists and Nazis, all the while steamrolling Godless and increasingly degenerate Cultural Marxism down their throats, you just may create them out of thin air. Whatever the label, this movement is essentially reactionary to the decadent and declining times we live in. I don’t mind the “fascist” label anymore, if that’s what separates me from a bug-chasing crusty commie antifa, than so be it.

Francisco Franco provides, in my opinion, a short and succinct description for the rise of reactionary fascism:

Fascism, since that is the word that is used, fascism presents, wherever it manifests itself, characteristics which are varied to the extent that countries and national temperaments vary. It is essentially a defensive reaction of the organism, a manifestation of the desire to live, of the desire not to die, which at certain times seizes a whole people. So each people reacts in its own way, according to its conception of life.

If you’re a student of history and understand that the Spanish communists were systematically destroying the very soul of the country (think exhuming the dead bodies of nuns and priests, a proto-sexual revolution, restrictions on the Catholic Church, confiscation of property, etc.), the rise, or national immune system kicking in, of the reactionary (be it the fascists, nationalists, monarchists, what have you) makes perfect sense. It was either deteriorate to an animalistic state of soon-to-be failed communism and widespread death and deprivation or live, make the hard decisions and save your country under Franco’s forces.

What do you think is happening now in this country? Practically every media personality has mentioned that our country is more divided than ever. We’re bursting at the seams. Arguments and political hatreds boiling over to fisticuffs at Thanksgiving supper. Both sides think the other side is pure evil.

One side (the Left) wants restrictions on your personal defense, open borders, globalism, a bizarre crusade against “whiteness,” the fleecing of your money for the other and approves of a degeneracy so extreme that it would make the denizens of Sodom and Gomorrah blush. The (real) Right wants faith, family and folk. I don’t understand what’s so extreme about those three things. By my estimation, those are the three pillars of a healthy and successful civilization.

If faith, family and folk and disagreeing with cross dressers urinating next to children in public bathrooms are considered pure unmitigated evil fascism, call me a fascist.



  1. America came into being as a revolutionary movement against totalitarian government. The “fascist” temptation is such that when you’re fighting monsters you must take care not to become a monster oneself. Lincoln and the North were the “fascists” and the Confederacy was/is the resistance.

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    Their name-calling is meaningless in lieu of their obvious depravity. Being called a ‘racist’ or “fascist” holds no power after (((they))) have made a mockery of decency.

    I like this blog.

    Yell, Rebels. You still have a voice of reason.

  3. A good piece Silas. I never read to deep into fascism, though I did read George Lincoln Rockwell’s two book back in 2015. If Fascism is defined as totalitarian socialism and authoritarian government, than I am not one. If Fascism is defined as nationalism, conservatism, and reaction, than I am one. Our antifa enemies seem to define it as the latter.