Screwtape Redux Re: Modern Motherhood

My Dear Wormwood: What we did was truly staggering in scope when you think about it. We took your women, the mothers of their species, the vessels for all human life on the planet, and the gender that conceives all males within their bodies and shapes the psyches of this progeny on a moment to moment basis for a 9-month duration, and we implanted a belief-system within these women’s minds.

Of course, we had doubts about whether this was actually possible – after all, women give birth to men; they not only carry the growing fetus in their bellies for an extended period, but they then nurture this creature at their breasts and raise it for many years. We had to accomplish something truly remarkable: we had to convince the mother to despise her child!

We had to manufacture the absurdity that her own child was worthy only of contempt. We had to teach her to deny all accountability for any of her influences, choices, and actions and disconnect from her own creation to the degree that she regarded it as wholly suspect.

Essentially had to coerce her mind in a way that defies belief. Can you imagine the enormity of the feat we pulled off?

We convinced the birthgiver, the being which stamps and shapes the psyche of the child that she houses within her to deny all complicity in the subsequent acts of her creation. Despite the fact that every single moment this child absorbed her thoughts, moods, emotions, feelings, and was fed by her blood and saturated in her energy!

We actually succeeded in brainwashing her to believe that the men she gave birth to were her enemies, and were somehow responsible for creating a vast conspiracy designed to suppress her!

Hahaha…incredible….your women actually swallowed this bullshit..and can you believe they teach this in their institutions now?

They publish books that disseminate this psychosis.

They’ve divorced themselves completely from their bodies and their bodily functions, they’ve forgotten what their progeny and creations actually represent, and then they wonder why they should become mad and ill.

We have never come across souls as easy to manipulate and enslave as these. And we have done it by targeting women.

If we render them insane…then because they are the life-bringers after all….the entire world will then become insane.

Hahaha..and the truly crazy thing is that the women will attempt to talk about love and compassion and solutions to intractable problems like climate-change, yet they are so deranged that they can’t even love their offspring or deal with these with respect. Womankind  has turned on its children, that’s what they have degenerated to. We have won…and the battle for their souls was so easy.

Your affectionate uncle,


-By Kain JC


  1. When I first became aware of this transgender “movement” I thought it was a totally fringe thing. Then I started seeing it on Sunday morning shows and it escalated very rapidly. It certainly is a mental illness, and a contagious one ,too. It’s source? I am certain you could say it’s a spiritual, diabolical agenda. What can I say? I’m praying for an EMP.

  2. But it’s not really that surprising now is it? Women need men. And men need women. Men are much more clear on this fact. That women are an instrumental part of our lives. Our mothers, our grandmothers, our sisters and our daughters and wives.

    But it doesn’t mean that we don’t have wisdom to offer them. There are plenty of things that men can do that women can’t. We offer a sort of physicality and intellectuality that women can’t identify with. The function from the almost purely emotional realm. And the result is this. It’s not surprising in the least.

    Women’s emotions have been harnessed and they have been programmed to believe that men taking physical control and using their intellectual superiority is oppressive. When in reality it is a gift we use to protect and encourage women with.

    Women can’t live without men. And it’s going to take men to tell them that. Not soyboys. Not bug men. Taking control is not oppressing women that just conspiracy theory bullshit. Taking control means taking control of the narrative about ourselves, men. We are men, we are powerful and smarts and you women need us. And we want to be here for you. Take advantage of what we have to offer and be our moms, daughters sisters and wives.