The Genocide Quickens: Help South African Whites Now

The Afro-centric communism of Nelson Mandela and his political heirs has been nothing short of a disaster for the people of South Africa, black and white. What was once a rich and safe nation is now a destitute net food importer with over 25,000 murders a year that the state can track. Who knows how many more disappear in the bush under “mysterious” circumstances. The blacks of the nation acutely feel the relative decline in their fortunes, despite the advent of political freedom. Older blacks fondly remember the Apartheid era they once sought to bring down, but the mass of young people who never knew the relative prosperity of that time seek more radical change than has so far been pursued by the ANC.

These young Marxists, if you can even call them that, because as I’ve written before, this is not about ideology but about petty and simple minded racial hatred, have found their champion in Julius Malema of the EFF. Malema is a man who has openly called for the expropriation without compensation of white owned lands, a policy which is in open violation of the constitution agreed to by Mandela and F.W. De Klerk (De Cuck). To say nothing of his threats toward the lives of white people, as he has on many occasions suggested he favors genocide.

The ANC has, for all its other failings, resisted this sort of naked racial aggression against the whites of South Africa for most of its 24 years in power. Yet, as the fortunes of Malema and his radical EFF faction have risen, the ANC has recently expressed a willingness to cravenly bow to these demands. Of course, a cynic would say that this is the plan all along, and I’m inclined to agree. Current president, Cyril Ramaphosa, said as much in an internal ANC document in 1993.

This week the South African Parliament passed a bill calling for the expropriation without compensation of white owned property by an overwhelming 241-83 margin. It is my understanding, based on reading the South African Constitution, that this is not sufficient to amend the document and permit such an action, but things are not looking good to say the least. The measure calls for a report to be delivered to Parliament by 30 August detailing a plan of action for what property needs to be seized and where. From that point, the supporters of this madness would need to gain another 26 votes in Parliament and then the bill would be referred to the 9 provincial legislatures, where it would have to pass 6. Demographics being what they are, passage is unlikely in Western and Northern Cape, as the blacks lack a majority in the former and have only the narrowest in the latter. Gauteng is likely the only other hope for legislative failure, though the odds are long there. The other 6 provinces are overwhelmingly black and should secure easy passage, unless international pressure can be brought to bear on the ANC.

While these avenues should and must be pursued in an attempt to forestall imminent disaster, the simple fact is that anything that is achieved through political or economic pressure on the ANC is a temporary victory at best. I know this sounds foreign to someone living in the United States, but there is no fighting this out. Our natural inclination is molon labe (applies to land as well as our guns), and while the farmers would fight, it cannot end well. A Rhodesian friend of mine predicts that while early successes would be met in defensive actions given the cowardice and poor training of the black soldiers and the mob behind them, the international community would come down hard on the whites, with UN “peacekeepers” deployed against people trying to keep the property that has been in their families for generations. The blackest of black pills.

Evacuation is the only option for these people. While it is true that not all of them will go, so long as there is a white face in Lower Africa, the governments of that region will have a scapegoat for whatever goes wrong due to their malfeasance or ineptitude (or both). We need to ramp up pressure on our political leaders to grant asylum to any white South African who would take it. Below this write-up, you will find a list of major offices which you can contact to raise awareness for this issue. Copy, paste, print, and send registered mail. It costs a little extra, but it is a better guarantee that someone will see it. I recommend that you send the same letter to your own representatives in addition to these major figures. I have kept the text normie friendly, because politicians aren’t going to listen to overtly white nationalist rhetoric. The Overton window has not shifted far enough. Call me an optics cuck if you will, but the fate of South African whites is too damned important and as such, we must engage in full taqqiya.

President Donald J. Trump
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20500

Mitch McConnell
317 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510

Paul Ryan
1233 Longworth HOB
Washington, D.C. 20515

Steve King
2210 Rayburn Office Building

Washington, DC 20515

Phone: 202.225.4426
Fax: 202.225.3193

Stephen Miller
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20500


“Dear Sir,

It is my sincere hope that despite the media blackout that you are aware of the plight of the White and Coloured (local term for mixed-race and Khoisan peoples) minorities in South Africa. Recently, under increasing political pressure from Marxist radicals in the Economic Freedom Fighters Party (EFF), the African National Congress (ANC) agreed to engage in a program of expropriation of property without compensation. Such a policy falls squarely on the shoulders of these minority populations and is destined to lead to bloodshed on a massive scale.

I am writing to ask you to use the power and influence of your office to forestall this impending violence in the short term by prevailing upon the ANC to abandon this proposal. The United States has given billions of dollars in aid to South Africa since the advent of majority rule in 1994, with a further 310 million planned for FY 2018. This is money which South Africa badly needs due to mismanagement by the ANC (Jacob Zuma, the former president, recently stepped down amid allegations of massive corruption). One need look no further than South Africa’s neighbor to the north, Zimbabwe, to see the results of expropriation.  That nation went from being the breadbasket of Lower and Middle Africa to one almost wholly reliant on Western food aid thanks to land-grabs by then-President Robert Mugabe. Allowing history to repeat itself will cause untold suffering not just for the land-owners but for all people in South Africa.

However, even if we temporarily are able to stop expropriation, this is a specter which will rear its ugly head once more. So long as these minority populations persist in South Africa, they will be viewed as a convenient scapegoat by corrupt government officials. Persons to pass the blame off on for the politicians’ theft and ineptitude. There are roughly 3.5 million whites and just shy of 5 million mixed race and Khoisan persons, all of whom are viewed as enemies of the state by the radicals. The ANC does not have the political will to stand against such rhetoric any longer. I ask for your help in offering permanent asylum in the United States for as many of these people as would come.  A lifeline offered by our government would encourage our allies in Europe to offer refuge as well. The alternative is genocide. If not now, 20 years from now. These are the people who made South Africa one of the richest countries in the world, and they would make for hardworking, productive Americans.

There is a prevailing rhetoric that these people deserve their fate because of colonialism and Apartheid. The sins of the father cannot be laid on the son or the daughter. Help save these people while there is still time.