Stonewall Inn Brigade: Taste the Rainbow

It is no secret that we here at Identity Dixie take a dim view of our reconstructed Southern brethren who would engage in the politics of appeasement with the leftists and their (((masters))) in a misguided effort to forestall the complete annihilation of our Southern heritage. Give a foot to prevent the taking of a yard? Please. (((They))) will just take the yard in three pieces. While these craven individuals do, I think, mean well in their impossibly confused Boomer hearts, the simple fact is that there is no conceivable way that anything we give these people would ever be enough. Thus, the only proper strategy is to give them absolutely nothing, and indeed, to retake all that was given and then some.

Perhaps it is unfair to judge those who tried such a tack, at least initially. After all, it is only fairly recently that the anti-white, anti-Southern, anti-Christian, anti-everything we are as a people Left revealed its true colors in all their dark skinned, rainbow wearing glory upon the accession of a black man to the American Empire’s first chair. But you would think that after any concessions offered were accepted and instantly met with more demands, that anyone who truly wished to honor those who fought and died for the Stars and Bars would have said enough is enough. This far, no farther. And maybe even would have nutted up and pushed back.

Sadly, this is a lesson that the Sons of Confederate Veterans has failed to learn. For many years, this once venerable organization has striven not to protect our heritage, but to insist that it is something that it is not.  Specifically, that we as sons and daughters of the Confederacy are the original multicultural society. Excuse me while I vomit. We hear paeans to the diversity of the Confederate States from these utter cuckolds, who, like the true Boomers they are, have no convictions other than the sincere desire to not be convicted of racism in the court of public opinion.

First, we had to hear about how Stand Watie and the natives served in the Trans-Mississippi theater during the War of Northern Aggression. While it is true that the majority of Natives who took up a uniform during this conflict did so for our side, they served largely without distinction and utterly without traditional military discipline. Piss on the facts though, we’re not racists, crieth the SCV! WE HAD RED PEOPLE ON OUR SIDE. Yes, you are fucking racists, because you fought for slavery, sayeth the leftists.

Slavery? Okay what about Black Confederates?!?! This unctuous myth has long been used by weak willed apologists as a gotcha against those who would slander the Confederacy. How can we be racist if we had blacks in our army and if there were black slave owners, speaketh the cuck. Minor exceptions don’t change rules, bigot, sneereth the Yankee.

While it is the position of this author that Dixie would have been better served had it used the Negro in the fashion which the Yankees used the Irish, which is to say as cannon fodder for the crack troops to hide behind, it would have been of great benefit to us, there is little evidence of blacks, slave or free, serving in the Confederate ranks outside of their capacity as servants. They dug trenches, cooked food, and tended to the wounded, as ordered to by their masters, but they were not ideological supporters of the Confederate cause, no matter what Arlene Barnum says.  And I could not care less.

Token modern age blacks waving the battle flag and dressed in grey were not enough to win the approval of the Left, and the SCV stood idly by while our state governments removed the flag one by one from our state houses. Some token resistance was offered as statues began to be removed, but the SCV seems more interested in an ex post facto reputation repair of the Confederacy. We aren’t racists, we swear! Please give us good boy points, Mr. Yankee! Which brings us to the most recent instance of servile placation.

In a press release dated January 31, the 9th South Carolina brigade announced that it would become the first official Stonewall Inn brigade of the SCV. Spitting in the face of the brigade’s ancestors (though hopefully not their mouths, because GRIDS), who fought with distinction for General Lee and in the Army of Tennessee at Chickamauga, Brigade Commander Michael Skinner announced that the promotion of diversity is more important than the principles upon which the Sons of Confederate Veterans was founded. The first generation of captives to Yankee enslavement formed the organization to protect and defend the legacy of our ancestors and instill an appreciation for our history in our descendants. To keep the candle lit until such time as the South should rise again.


Were there men who preferred the company of men in the Confederate Army? It is certainly possible. But as there was no such thing as a homosexual identity in 1861, it seems like a needless bow to modernity to celebrate the fact that a queer is being promoted to be deputy commander of an SCV camp. An openly gay individual has no place in representing our history. I cannot even abide a don’t ask, don’t tell policy. This “man” needs to kick rocks, for he is a disgrace to his ancestors.  I do not care what the Yankees, Jews, or leftists think of us or the Great Cause.  No promotion or inclusion of red or black Confederates bought us any currency with those people. A rainbow flag waving degenerate is not going to, either. Every last man in every SCV camp could be dark skinned and homosexual, and it still would not be enough. We are talking about people who wish to wipe us off of the face of the earth. To inflict the ancient Roman punishment of damnatio memoriae upon us. There is no appeasing such people.

Attempt to justify our existence with facts and figures is Sisyphean. Primary source documents cannot save us either, because they were written by “evil racists.” Even the Tyrant is getting that treatment in modern history courses, so you can imagine what they say about the Fire Eaters. Any form of logical, rational defense of our people will be met with derision and deflection. Your points will fall on deaf ears, because they do not match the emotive narrative favored by our tormentors. There is but one response we can give to the Urbanite Yankee: fuck you, so what? You think we fought for slavery? Fuck you, so what? You think we’re racist? Fuck you, so what? They are a gaggle of godless degenerates, set upon the Earth by Satan himself in order to wipe out the light of White Christian Civilization.  Do not pay any mind to demons. Do not negotiate with demons. Do not grovel in front of them. Drive them from our lands and retake everything. Stand with us or kneel with the People of Cuckfederate Veterans, who I’m sure will soon be telling us that Yankees are the real Rebels, in a video to be hosted by Steven Crowder and Ben Shapiro.

It’s not even a choice, for there’s only one acceptable option.

Deo Vindice.


  1. Extraordinary article.I agree with each and every word.It truly is Satan working to wipe out White Christians who are made in God’s image.Satan can only hurt God by doing vile and demeaning things to his children,us.I also agree that being firm in your beliefs and telling your oppressors to screw off if they don’t like it is the best policy,it has always worked for me.Also agree with the thoughts of Tom Jones and goyrogers.God bless and protect you all and my thanks for the uplift to my spirit I get from this site and its noble contributors and readers.