The City of Charlottesville: Blood on Their Hands

The right wingers were at the Unite the Right rally as a unified front protesting the removal of the Robert E Lee statue. They were in support of God, tradition, family and authority, even the police. Unfortunately, the police were under orders from the local and state authorities; fully determined to terminate their First Amendment rights at all costs. This demonstration was actually shut down preemptively before even one speaker spoke- it wasn’t allowed to even begin.

You see, viewpoints and positions representing the majority, the interests of white folks, are silenced at all costs. We are the one group in America and the West who is still allowed, even required, to be discriminated against. But why?

Well, while we are being systematically replaced our society is slowly being changed into something foreign and completely unrecognizable. This Great Replacement of the founding stock are being very rapidly replaced with third world peoples- others who will vote for and joyfully support the coming authoritarian, one party socialist state. In fact, within the next decade, states such as Texas and Florida will follow the demographic, then political, path of California. At that point, the USA will mirror other one party banana republics of the third world. It will be the inevitable outcome of mass immigration- both illegal AND LEGAL. It’s just one of many forbidden truths that you are not even allowed to hear. Those brave enough to warn the public, such as the brave 1,000 of Charlottesville are demonized beyond all recognition by a controlled, yet FAKE, media.

As you witnessed, the Charlottesville police physically forced the right wingers into awaiting mobs of violent Antifa and BLM terrorists- they were literally FORCED to fight their way out. Hence, the violence of Charlottesville. The ones arrested later for defending their friends were quietly whisked away without a fair trial- bail denied, court appointed attorneys paid specifically to find guilt. If the races were reversed, the Department of Justice would certainly step in to guarantee our civil rights.

But we are white, we are Southern. We are the one group not even afforded even the basics of civil rights and equality in the USA. Unlike all others we are not even allowed the basic human right to have organizations that can advocate for our unique interests. In fact, our people alone have no free speech, no First Amendment rights as evidenced by the events of Charlottesville on that day.

The City of Charlottesville physically and involuntarily forced both the right and left wingers together which caused the violence and to this day still has BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS.

-by Tex Wood


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  1. Well said!

    Though I would add that I am quite certain there were many more than a thousand of our guys there that day.

    I was there reporting on the event for American Free Press and base this not just on what I myself witnessed, but upon the testimony of many others who were there as well.