Quo Vadis, White Man

Somewhere in the middle of Mike Enoch’s recent “bloodsports” encounter with an opponent whose placard read simply “Fat Boomer Jew,” the latter made a salient criticism. A year and a half ago, the Alternative Right was a nascent movement with enough widespread appeal to move the needle on a presidential election and attract the flaming eye of the bipartisan consensus. A year and a half later, popular appeal is in the doldrums, the man who coined the phrase “Alternative Right” publicly distances himself from the movement, and the figurehead character’s most recent high-profile media blip was a tone-deaf discussion about therapeutic child-porn. “Fat Boomer Jew” has a point—something is wrong, and the Alternative Right itself is the only party with any interest in righting the ship, and it’s time to get to work on that.

There is nothing wrong, and we mean absolutely nothing wrong with White advocacy. This is a point on which virtually everyone except the most blighted Progressive Liberals can agree. The challenges facing White Americans, and White people internationally—particularly in South Africa—are legion. But a year and a half ago, when the Alternative Right was spreading like wildfire, White advocacy was bundled together with a set of criticisms that addressed problems with the American political and cultural order that neither the Democrat nor Republican party seemed capable of addressing at all. Conservatives complain of the decline of “Common Sense” American values, and Democrats lament the suddenly fuming vitriol of their bread-and-butter constituency, the white working class. Both parties seemed paralyzed when asked to provide any kind of explanation for the anger and the decline. The Alternative Right stepped in to fill in that gap—America has increasingly sundered itself from the cultural wellspring that formed its founding population and severed the intellectual artery of the Anglo-American tradition.

In order for that criticism to carry momentum for long, the representatives of that founding population, and of the Anglo-American tradition needed to pour into that gap. The odds were always long, the window was always small, and the fight was never going to be short. But the Alt-Right, and even the broader Dissident Right that has been sucked into the Alt-Right’s orbit like a whirlwind, has remained largely content to continue pointing out instances of injustice committed against its White Advocates. It has taken patently contradictory ideological positions, on one hand advocating for obscure authoritarian ideologies and at the same time complaining of a hostile media’s failure to respect its First Amendment Rights.  These are the political tactics of resentment and reaction, not the blinding innovation of Spengler’s Faustian Man or Dr. Pierce’s “race of conquerors” — it is verbatim copying the playbook of a group the Alternative Right is often compared to and against, Black Lives Matter.

“Fat Boomer Jew” certainly lived up to all three of his monikers during his debate with Enoch, but he made a number of points that the Alternative Right ignores at its own peril including his claim that this sloth, these politics of resentment, and White advocacy as an end unto itself are deeply unpopular decisions with even the White America the movement claims to represent. Similarly, its advocates have often taken on the aesthetics and ideologies of groups that are often among the most anti-White in the world and whose actions brought about the deaths of more White people than any other in history, and have largely failed to capitalize on the opportunity to burst through the Overton Window with solutions to the real, tangible, day to day problems facing Americans, White and Black. And “Fat Boomer Jew” isn’t the only one who has picked up on this. The YouTube personality known as “Distributist,” and a fellow traveler in the Dissident Right scene made a series of videos criticizing the Alt-Right from, as it turns out, the Right, and in subsequent interviews has been more than willing to talk in a more positive and constructive way than “Fat Boomer Jew”.

This is not a “doompost.” It is not a Requiem for the Alt-Right—it is a clarion call. White advocacy can and should continue, but it should be with the knowledge that racial advocacy of any kind kicks up a deeply seeded negative impulse in the average American or European mind. Enoch was right, and “Fat Boomer Jew” totally missed the point regarding the outright hostility faced by Pro-White Advocates. They are regularly denied their Constitutional rights as American citizens, their employment terminated, and their plight shoved under the rug. But, to answer the question of “why” that is, we must simply look to the Alt-Right’s own criticism of the Constitution. It is a paper tiger. If the Alt-Right wants to make inroads with the kind of money and intellectual power it will need to be more than a flash in the pan, it will need to do more than provoke a negative media and law enforcement response simply to complain about mistreatment.

In order to legitimize its claim that the wellspring of Western Culture is being depleted by the subjugation of its native populations, the remnant of those native populations will have to perform the Herculean task of living up to their claims about themselves. There are countless, tangible, real problems affecting the day to day lives of Americans that through lack of serious opposition, the bipartisan consensus can ignore. Infrastructure, Healthcare costs, rising unemployment, the looming problem of automation and A/I, crippling debt, energy costs: none of these problems will go away overnight if either the Liberals of the Alt-Right get their way and Whites either disappear or take over the continent overnight.  It is time to use that White power and that vaunted cultural superiority to produce a robust platform that is innovative enough and attractive enough to force people to care about White advocacy and the decline of indigenous populations. If we are the Faustian men of Spengler, we must turn our backs to the crowd and towards the horizon. Then, and only then, will the intellectual and physical resources needed to sustain the movement into the future begin trickling into the ranks.

Deo Vindice

Fulwar B. Skipwith