Muh Colonies, Part One: The Rapture of the Losers

Right-wingers are always waiting for someone else to solve their problems. Libertarians are waiting for an economic collapse to bring down the state. Patriots are waiting for civil conflict with the tyrants to re-establish the Constitution. Christians are waiting for the return of Christ to usher in the Millennium and bring down the wicked principalities and powers. The racialists are waiting for the inevitable ethnic conflict which will result from multiculturalism. So many of us right-wingers expect to be raptured from our problems by things beyond our control. All these imagined victories in the future quickly turn from animating beliefs into mere excuses for inaction. These excuses then become the learned helplessness, bitterness, and asociality for which right-wingers are famous.

Left-wingers once made this same mistake. The communists dreamt of the day that the General Strike finally brought down the plutocrats. The proletariat never seemed able to get it together and actually do it, though. It took people like Blanqui and Lenin to realize that revolutionary movements need to form a vanguard to push events in their direction. They realized that successful movements look like a government in waiting. They do not simply wait to be swept to glory passively by events. The communists learned this and quickly started piling up real victories as a consequence. People like George Sorels and Mussolini adapted this insight to right-wing revolutionary movements, but the present prejudice toward fascism has caused most right-wingers to miss this lesson entirely.

Well, at least the right-wingers who work within the present system—let’s call them the conservatives—are trying to achieve their goals by means within their control. Conservative politics seems much more practical than the revolutions of the idealists. Conservatives want to change the national discourse, get elected to Washington, and impose their values on society from above. They will achieve their ideals gradually and legally. One day, conservatives will pass common-sense fiscal policies, restore the Constitution, promote traditional morality, and save the nation from the foreign invaders.

However, sincere conservatives soon find that the system is rigged against them. The Republican Party can have both houses of Congress and the Presidency but still accomplish nothing except corporate tax cuts. Republicans are the only party capable of pushing nationalist policies but they are in league with the sworn enemies of nationalism—the globalist politicians and Big Business. The supposed practical means to attain our goals is revealed to be just as impractical as having a revolution. Waiting on Washington, DC, to solve our problems is even more unrealistic than waiting for the Great Collapse, the Second Civil War, or the Second Coming of Christ to solve them. As they talk about their principles, conservatives watch things become worse and worse. Meanwhile, they imagine things will, somehow, someday, get better. As Sam Francis said, conservatives are beautiful losers.

Our people need relief now, not in some future state. We must live our lives today, not wait for our true lives to begin. All these fantasies of future victories are just excuses to shirk our duties to our people, anyway. Our people need their daily bread to live. Our brothers need to make money. Our women need homes and our children need schools. As things grow worse, we shall have to solve these problems ourselves in the present if we want to survive. We shall not be able to wait for them to be solved by others in the future. We shall have to have real progress toward our goals, and not just accept fantasies of attaining them one day.

So, what is to be done? In my next articles, I’ll present the only strategy which would allow us right-wingers to live in our ideal communities in our own lifetimes. I shall call this strategy “right-wing colonies”. They are essentially just little neighborhoods but they could eventually replace what has been lost in our society. Right-wing colonies could solve the “Rapture of the Losers” problem that right-wingers can never seem to overcome.

The End of Part One.

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