The Boy Scouts: The Decline of Another White Institution

The Boy Scouts of America is and has been an implicitly white organization that has fostered the growth of many a young man since its inception in 1910. This is when it was adopted here in America from the English. The Boy Scouts teach many life skills such as leadership, teamwork, personal management, and an innumerable number of outdoor skills. Of course, it needed to be destroyed.

More importantly, it has provided a sense of community for white children and their parents. These types of collective social institutions that were built and enjoyed by white people for decades has become fewer in number every year. The Boys Scouts of America is just the most recent of these to finally break down after long years of erosion due to multiculturalism and pressure from the neoliberal beast. The organization is now admitting girls into their ranks due to the steady decline in membership.

The Boy Scouts of America has been experiencing a decline in membership for years, but this has accelerated in recent years with the sickness of modernity and the symptoms of a morally bankrupt society permeating through the ranks. According to Breakpoint:

“The BSA has been an American institution for more than 100 years. During that time more than 105 million men and boys have participated in the program. However, recent years have seen a significant decline in Scouting membership and revenue. In 2014 the Boy Scouts began allowing openly gay boys into Scout troops. The next year, membership fell by about 6 percent, the largest single-year decline in membership in the organization’s history. Between 2013 and 2016 (the last year for which numbers are publicly available), membership has fallen by about 10 percent.” (Source 1)

To make matters worse, the BSA then started allowing adult gay men in as leaders in 2015 (what could go wrong?). It is unsurprising then that many parents have chosen not to allow their children to be immersed in a culture where homosexuals might subvert their normal and healthy development.

The Boy Scouts of America is and always has been an implicitly white institution. This bar chart, courtesy of, bears that out.

BSA Membership by Race in Millions (Source 2)


This chart shows the breakdown in BSA membership by race in millions for the year 2000 and 2010. For the year 2010, the white membership was 3.9 times higher than the next largest group, Hispanic.

Even though the BSA is a white institution, the demographic composition of the organization has been experiencing a steady shift.

BSA Membership Percentage by Race vs. Year (Source 2)


This chart shows the racial composition of the BSA by percent for the year starting in 2000 and projecting to 2050. In 2000, Hispanics were a mere 17.2% of the population. By 2050, Hispanics are projected to equal the White population of the BSA.

The above chart shows that the BSA is undergoing a demographic replacement, becoming a less and less white institution with each passing year. This is analogous to the browning of America as a whole, with the continued immigration from Mexico and the Third World.

It is the progressive class in this country that is to blame for the decline of the Boy Scouts. Both the admittance of homosexuals and the demographic displacement within the organization can be directly attributed to the neoliberal class. The BSA only admitted gay boys and men after immense pressure from soy boys, cucks and cat ladies, who saw this institution as being far too white, traditional and masculine. The BSA was the antithesis of everything they hold dear.

The demographic change is a direct result of both the non-enforcement of our immigration laws, as well as, an actual overall immigration policy purposefully designed for our displacement by the foolish American Empire, along with, the manic liberal activism that has gone on unchecked for decades.  As with many social institutions in this country, white people have simply run out of social capital on which to spend. The multiculturalism and societal degeneracy has made us feel alienated, isolated and atomized. As a result, white social institutions such as the BSA are decaying and eventually dying off. It’s tragic.

This is why it is more important, now than ever, for right-wing white people to start building new institutions for ourselves. Creating an alternative culture and community on the local level is necessary if we hope to offer ourselves a chance at normalcy and a chance to live free from this oppressive rent-seeking parasite that is the American Empire.

Deo Vindice,

Braxton Bragg

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  1. Imagine if the League started an uncucked program like Boy Scouts and opened it to the public for a fee. I think some other Christian orgs have already popped up but there could be room for another.

    1. But probably more important than the boy’s program is the girl’s program. It is the girls that we are losing to mudsharking bc the enemy is targetting them night and day with an unbelievable amount of propaganda.

  2. The BSA admin failed boys. Feminists have tried for a long time to destroy any program that helps boys, and they have succeeded because of the weak-minded beta males who positioned themselves in the upper BSA admin.

    This article plays up the race card, but maybe less whites are prone to violence and prison is because they attended the boys’ scouts. I’m not white, I’m Asian, and I’ve send my kids to the scouts. I will never support the boys’ scouts again. I will be polite when I decline to give a donation outside of Wal*Mart or Safeway, but I will never support this feminist organization which will place girls’ wants over boys’ needs. I will not support turning young boys into silent spineless beta males like those in the BSA Admin.