Trimming the Fat: Troll Edition

Okay boys and girls. I know that trolling is fun. I do it myself all the time. But there is a marked difference between twisting the underwear of communists in knots and doing something that is demonstrably harmful to what we are trying to accomplish, not to mention, engaging in something truly tactless and tasteless in the wake of dead children. I am referring to the 4chan prank that got picked up by the (((ADL))) and through them, the national media. It was a harrowing period of hours, where none of us really knew what to think. The Republic of Florida and their leader,  Jordan Jereb, do not seem like the most savory group of characters to begin with, and the shooter does not look like someone who would be interested in our rhetoric, but the facts do not matter in the campaign we are engaged in. Our enemies have shown us this time and time again.

Thankfully, law enforcement involved in the investigation disavowed the reports that Mr. Cruz had anything to do with the ROF or with any militia, in a press briefing that came out on the afternoon of February 15th. I’m sure that the line from those responsible in spreading this nonsense and those who think it was funny will be along the lines of all’s well that ends well. Or perhaps they’ll say that they were attempting to show the naked anti-white bias of the ADL and the media. We all know that it exists. That they were so willing to run with a story of such dubious origins proves that beyond a reasonable doubt.

This man is an idiot.

We got lucky this time because the police were diligent enough to quickly deny any connection between Nickolaus Cruz and white nationalism and even more importantly, any kind of Southern nationalism, but…what if they hadn’t? What if that Florida department were not staffed by honest men, but by the types of ideologically motivated jackasses that run the show in Charlottesville?

The channers and trolls responsible might well have been able to prove with screenshots that they faked the whole thing. But in the court of public opinion, would that have mattered? Those same message boards proved beyond a doubt that Heather Heyer was not struck by the car of James Fields and the woman’s mother said on television that she died of a heart attack. But ask your average normie about it and it was still the Dodge of Peace which did it. Anyone outside of our circles believes to this day, 7 months later, that Heyer was run over in a premeditated act of malice. The cops in Charlottesville never bothered to correct the public record on this score. Nor did the medical examiner. Nor the government of Charlottesville. Not even in their mea culpa document will you find any mention of the true fate of Heather Heyer. Facts do not matter. Only perception. And if we let the media control the frame game, we are attacking further up hill than we must, on what is already a steep climb. Even in light of the release by the Broward Police, I doubt the media will bother correcting their previous publications. Best case scenario, they will quietly delete the untrue passages and not issue a retraction, because they are dishonest to the core, particularly when it comes to us.

Which brings me to my larger point. We really need to have better public presentation of ourselves and of our ideas. Troll away. I’m the last person who would ever abandon trolling. But keep it to current events that won’t blow back on us. We do not need the stain of a mass shooting on our ledger. And, frankly, folks that think trolling the mass killing of children aren’t people we want to associate with anyway. The ADL does not need much of an excuse to smear us with claims of violence. A perusal of their list of murders committed by “white supremacists,” will show a motley crew of mystery meat and non-ideologically motivated persons that are ex post facto white nationalists because it suits the narrative. The make for a wonderful media patsy, that’s for sure.

We have to be much more careful in what we say and how we say it. There are better ways to show the media to be a gaggle of morons than to fake responsibility for a mass shooting. Quit it with the exto-posting. Tone down the racism in public spaces. In short, practice taqqiya. Act normal and not a bunch of LARPy weirdos. We need to be upstanding members of the community, not deviants living on the margins. Such characters never attract numbers to their banners. If we want to move out of the shadows of our anonymous message boards and our sock accounts, we must behave ourselves. If you’re not capable of that, then you’re not welcome and it’s time for you to go.

We must become legitimate.

Only then can we win. Deo Vindice.

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  1. I’m undecided on whether the troll was a good idea or not, but for anybody in our movement it is a bad idea to wear military surplus camo and pose with guns. If we do any kind of muscle flexing at all we should dress like a private security outfit rather than “right wing militia”. Otherwise I suggest a button down shirt and either jeans or slacks.

    The group got thousands, maybe millions of dollars in free advertisement and made a fool of the lying media and ADL all in one swoop. That’s worth a lot, but definitely risky.