The Kosher Riots

Imagine the scene. One thousand plus white men, carrying flags and signs, descend onto a major east coast metropolitan area. They march in lock step, singing songs and chanting slogans. When they arrive at the steps of city hall, their leader gives a short speech. After the speech, they march out. How is this display met by the establishment? Chances are, these demonstrators are met with National Guard detachments, police barricades, and even riot police.

Now picture the opposite of this. Thousands of people of all races take to the streets in a chaotic rush. Cars are flipped and set ablaze. Fights break out. Light posts are toppled. Windows are smashed. Maybe someone eats horse shit off the ground. This spectacle, however, is met with nothing but beat cops. It’s allowed to continue until the hordes of drunk millennials pass out or decide to go home.

Now, look back on the riots and demonstrations by anti fascists following the inauguration of Trump. What was the response there? Nothing.

This is the phenomenon of the Kosher Riot. What are people allowed to riot about? Black Lives Matter and Antifa are met with almost no resistance and no police presence when they chimp out. When a cop kills a negro for being a negro, the following demonstrations are allowed to happen. I believe the term used by the mayor of Baltimore is “room to destroy.”

What do white people riot and demonstrate about? Do we take to the streets when an illegal immigrant and multiple felon gets off for murdering a white girl? Do we show up in multitudes to show our disdain for an establishment that continues to send our sons to fight wars for Israel? No. We riot over sports.

Let that sink in. We riot over fucking sports. White people take to the streets because their pack of negroes beat a pack of negroes from another city. This wanton destruction is allowed by the establishment, while peaceful pro-white demonstrations are shut down by riot squads and military units before they can even occur.

These “kosher riots” seek not to accomplish anything, but to cause destruction and sow discord. This is why they are allowed to occur. This is also why any pro-white demonstration, even one by normies and basic conservatives, is immediately shut down. When the goyim know, our ranks grow. When we attempt to retake our birthright, the establishment goes into survival mode and attempts to stop us at all cost.

Next time, let’s take to the streets for something that matters.