“Sons of the Confederacy”

Don’t let the title of this article fool you. This is not about the rainbow cuckfederate “muh heritage not hate” groups of people who tucked tail and ran at every monument the (((Tribe))) went after with a removal crew. I’m talking about our sons. Our young men who will inherit this great Dixieland long after we are gone. It is about what we, as fathers and role models to the next generation of Southern men, and our opportunity to teach and pass on our Southern heritage and traditions.

Now, I’m not talking about the lies the subversives and Coalition of the Ascendant teach in our schools and will try to brainwash and gas light our children, but instead real Southern history and truth. Our sons will be taught only the “evils of slavery” and be made to feel almost ashamed to be from the South. Our job is to reverse that process. This starts when our boys are young.

A good way I found that works is the fact that most young boys like guns and military stuff. Hell, I know I sure did at a young age. I was into G.I. Joe and anything having to do with tanks and planes or weapons. Typical boy stuff from a sadly bygone age. I think it’s just natural for a boy to love that stuff. Take that opportunity to get them interested in the War for Southern Independence. When I was young, my father had these fun and intriguing books about the War, they also had a lot of cool pictures – and, I started asking questions. These questions open a lot of doors for our sons about the War of Northern Aggression. Then, we can start teaching them about where they come from and the wonderful history that surrounds Dixie. Most likely, they have ancestors that fought for the Confederacy and that makes for exciting storytelling.

I have also found that taking the time to take a boy to a Confederate-themed museum will spike their interest. Make sure to make it fun. When they are in school (public or private) and the (((Narrative))) or Negro teacher begins their slanderous lesson disparaging our history, your sons will already be one step ahead and shouldn’t be fooled.

In this world of “muh diversity” our sons are going to be in a constant tug of war between Jews pushing their globalist and anti-white (and, anti-Southern) agenda and us teaching them the truth. It’s up to us. The monuments may be disappearing, but the history never will as long as we pass it on. I’m sure most of you reading this article are fathers or have little brothers or are planning on being fathers someday.

Our sons are our future. We must teach them right and teach them the truth and to not be ashamed of who they are and where they come from. We have to pass it on and we can’t be lazy about it.

The future of our people depend on our sons. The real Sons of the Confederacy.

-By Virgil Cane

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