Those Who Can Be Nationalists

In this movement there seems to be a focus, sometimes overly so, on optics, or how we appear to an audience. There are great and divisive debates over this subject and how we should appear and behave during activism. The genesis of this focus is the presupposition that one can “red pill a normie” or wake someone up to the truth, and therefore, win them over to our side. This is a complete waste of time and effort at this point in the game.

Normies are herd creatures, as much as I hate to admit it. The normie is materialistic and non-confrontational. The normie doesn’t want to wake up, grow up, or do what needs to be done. The normie wants bread and circuses. Normies don’t care about what we are doing one bit and generally take a radically big-brained stance against both sides of the nationalist argument, “I think both sides are crazy.” It’s a cop-out.

Normies serve the hand that feeds them. That means the side that offers jobs, wealth, food and security. Our side has very little of this to offer at this time. What our side offers is a way to express one’s sense of duty and honor, both of which are foreign concepts to the normie, who is closer to a bugman than a revolutionary.

Furthermore, if those red-pilled are serious with themselves they will notice and admit they have red-pilled and thus, converted, very few normies to a more realistic or even nationalistic way of thinking. Even less of the proselytized have become active in the nationalist community.

However, content creation is not in vain. There is a group receptive to our message. This group is what I call, “those who can be nationalists.” This is the 9% of the population who already feel the way we do, but can’t articulate it.

This should be the target demographic that content creators seek to reach. These folks who can be radicalized are generally searching for people who think like them anyways, and are generally more willing to actually become a part of this movement than a normie ever will. Note: Someone today is considered a “radical” rightwing nut for not accepting tranny story-time with toddlers. Pic related below:

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This creates radicals.

Radicalizing those who can be nationalists further builds the vanguard that reaches out to more and the vanguard grows. Bigger street presence in more places around the South further legitimizes our movement and what the content creators are talking about. It normalizes our worldview. People with traditional Southern values need to see that they are not alone. People also need to see that there are strong, well-organized and established groups if they are to step out and join this vanguard. The vanguard attracts those who can be nationalists.

The more the content creators focus on this demographic, and the more the vanguard grows, the further the pacifists and content creators are protected. The focus of the enemy is always on the vanguard, so a strong and active vanguard means less of a focus on the pacifists. Content creators, most of which are pacifists who do not engage in public activism, will have less of a spotlight upon them and therefore more space to do their work. This space created outside of the limelight capacitates the further building of infrastructure by pacifists, which is the way to victory.

There are roles for both activists in the vanguard, and pacifists, whether they be content creators or businessmen. The vanguard needs a supportive foundation to function. They need jobs and funding, more so now than ever as we have seen when someone gets doxxed and 9 times out of 10 it is a regular White NORMIE who fires them, and puts their family in jeopardy. See the story of Tony Hovater.

Under the shadow of the vanguard, pacifists are free to secure resources, create businesses, establish vital networking to our cause etc. This is how successful and maintainable movements are established. This infrastructure is the foundation of our future. The building is done by groups of people who networked through involvement in both the vanguard and the pacifist wings. The vanguard funnels more folks in so more networking can be done. Networking is really the most important thing in this movement. Groups come and go, but the bonds of brotherhood last. It’s the brotherhood that you can turn to in this time when everything else has turned it’s back on you and God’s natural order.

If the content creation does not get people out and advocating for our folk, either through activism or infrastructure building, it is GOOD FOR NOTHING. This is why we should focus on those who can be nationalists and stop wasting our time on normies.

Hail Dixie, Hail Victory!

JC Hinson


  1. Normies are definitely herd creatures. For many of them I don’t even think it’s a calculated decision. For that portion of the population trying to reach them is not simply asking them to make sacrifices, but asking them to do something they literally *can not* do. A sheep just doesn’t have it in him to think independently, let alone become a leader.

  2. It’s misguided at best seek legitimization in numbers. I see our guys bemoaning the fact that we don’t have any major portion of the masses standing with us far too frequently. The simple truth of the matter is that they’re pining for a representation that the forces of righteousness have seldom if ever really had in history. That being a presence that is anything more than the tiniest minority.

    We have never had the majority on our side at any time in history. But the righteous and the faithful have never needed any such thing. It is always the principled minority of the dispossessed majority through which our God, the sovereign Lord of history itself has magnified the truth and preserved his people.

    This is wise counsel you’re giving here, and I hope our guys can find the humility to be teachable so that they can benefit from your insight.

  3. We were introduced to the facts, we logically tested the facts and found them to be consistent and therefore true. Someone much smarter than myself could probably even create an mathematical algorithm to describe those able to be ‘woke’ BY THE CURRENT MOVEMENT. Things like a strong sense of responsibility, independent thought, able to resist peer pressure, creativity might apply to a hugely overwhelming number of us. Meanwhile the typical ‘normie’ cares much less for each of those things, has different priorities (you know what they are and described them accurately in the article) and can not at all be reached BY THE CURRENT movement. So should we just give up on normies then? -Not if we actually DO want a ‘supportive foundation ‘as you described. I’m truly convinced thought patterns based around positive emotion, the right thing to do, having a great time, morality, etc… can reach the majority of the more emotional (than most of you) normies to one day find their SUPPORTING role.