Boomer Backwash

Boomers inherited the strongest economy in the world and ruined it. They’re the only generation in American history to leave a worse economy to their children than what they inherited.

They are selfish pieces of shit who don’t care about a legacy, or anything real. The only things boomers care about are being comfortable and “living life to the fullest.”

Which translates to them taking reverse mortgages, buying more than they can really afford and selling all of their bullshit to go on vacations and cruises. Their entire idea of a fulfilling life is selfish and completely revolves around themselves, but totally in a consumeristic way.

Boomers leave their children with nothing. They’d rather give everything they have to people that aren’t their flesh and blood just so they can signal about how generous they are from the grave.

They do this because they think their children are ungrateful and they “built everything they have. I pulled myself up by the bootstraps.”

Boomers won’t even be honest and admit that they raised their children to be shit heads, or that they created the environment where it’s impossible to live the American dream the way they did.

They sold us out for cheap labor and POC votes. They damned us all.

– Anonymous

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