We Don’t Promise You A Rose Garden

I know I’m mostly preaching to the choir here, but for folks new to the sorts of things this site talks about, allow me to expound on a few things, from my point of view. The world is not alright. Most of what the “trusted authorities” tell you are lies that are crafted to manipulate you in some way. The country that you love so much doesn’t love you back.

The NFL is run by a bunch of money grubbers who would burn the flag and spit on the Bible if they thought ratings would go up half a point; they do not care that it has become an “American past-time.” They are pimps, and the fans are the Johns. The military is embroiled in endless wars for forces and agendas outside of the average person’s knowledge or understanding. Your taxes are used to fund replacement populations for you and your family, and to push leftist agendas such as LGBTQPRSTlksdflkds…advocacy, as well as, any and all anti-family, anti-tradition, anti-white filth that the most radical leftists can come up with. The Republican party is complicit in many cases, and silent in others. They don’t care any more about you than the Democrats, it’s two sides of the same coin. In short, if you’re on the Right side of things, you’re likely going to have a rough time.

Well, suck it up. As one of the last surviving bastions of integrity (though greatly diminished), the United States Marine Corps said in a recruitment poster, “We don’t promise you a rose garden.” A life lived with real convictions and an attempt at real virtue is not meant to be easy. The comfort of ignoring this reality is one of the most seductive aspects of accepting the status quo, of taking the black-pill and assuming nothing can be done to change it – and, of opting-out of the struggle. I have many friends who essentially know the things I know, yet you’d never know it to look at their lives or to talk to them. They are too worried about buying a new truck every couple of years and to live frugally and try to achieve some level of financial independence that can increase their agency and decrease their reliance on things staying as they are. They care too much about sportsball to acknowledge that the thugs wearing “their team’s” jerseys aren’t from their town, and don’t care about anything but money and, perhaps, the Left’s cause of the day.

What is most sad to me is that many of these same men have risked their lives on multiple occasions when the “trusted authorities” sent them to fight in wars that are all but forgotten by anyone that didn’t participate in them. The same men who would risk life and limb for a cause they don’t understand and a country that doesn’t care, won’t risk discomfort for the very survival of all the things they claim to hold dear. How does that even happen?

It’s not an entirely straightforward process, but it happens by multiple generations of people growing fat and decadent, while taking the easy road and ignoring the hard tasks. The “powers that be” have worked very hard to take the unsanctioned “fight” out of the men who should be setting things straight. It’s time for those men, for us men, to throw off the yoke of comfort, to cast away the security blanket of false freedom, and to secede as individuals-first.

Withdrawing your consent to this evil in any and all possible ways is absolutely necessary. Don’t watch the NFL, ever again. Cancel cable, cancel Netflix, get active, get strong. Save money, find a way to make money that doesn’t involve selling time to people or companies you don’t agree with. Build communities that don’t even rely on fiat currency. Learn new skills and make use of them. Create content; you can write for this site, contact the administrator for instructions to get started. Build a network of people who care about things that matter, and find ways to help each other. Make yourself and your family resilient. Become free enough where someone finding out that your political views are right of John McCain won’t leave you jobless and destitute.

Imagine what things would look like if “doxxing” was a thing that the Left had to worry about? That’s the way it should be, but it’s up to us to make it so. The end-goal is to Retake Everything, but too many of us, myself included, seem to be waiting around for some authority to give us permission to do so. That’s not coming.

It’s up to you and I to get our act together, take the red pill that is “this is going to be harder than I can imagine,” and get to work. If God wills it, perhaps the shedding of our sweat can keep our grandchildren from having to shed something else.

The cavalry isn’t coming, it’s only us. Get to work.

-By Tommy Jackson