The Beauty of Identity

As we begin to age, so often we see our parents looking back at us in the mirror. A mother passes part of herself onward to her beloved children, they in turn to the next generation and so on…ad infinitum. The fundamental base of all that is natural is to embrace your proud heritage, ancestry and folk. All that heritage manifest in the present is your identity. Once we have identity we understand the value of family and love by continuing our precious lineage into the future.

There are few things more noble than to love your people. To have a culture and an identity is the very basics of what it means to be human. Traditions passed down through the ages, a unique language or accent, statues and monuments of your people’s heroes for your children to admire, look up to and emulate – all these are physical evidences of a defined culture and unique people. Other patterns confirm a nation- a common religion, voting patterns and ideas of government. The basics of decency means to love your people and have loyalty to your own kind, your folk. Others who share your identity are your people and your nation, the Southern people.

Honor is found through consistency because real truth is made up of consistency. In other words, you know something is true or not to the degree that folks are willing to practice it consistently in their own lives. People are happiest while living amongst our own kind – it creates a united, high-trust society. We know this is true as it’s still evident in almost every lunch room or church around the country; it’s what built the suburbs! Honor comes from dealing with ideas and consistency. So many liberals support ceasing massive immigration and it’s resulting cultural destruction in Tibet. Yet, who among them will support the same equal standard here at home? Most conservatives support Israel as a Jewish state. Yet the honorable among them will also support that same basic human right for their own people. Self-determination is a basic human right, while targeted self-hate is no kind of virtue. The moral high ground is in loving your family and your own extended family, your people. This was common sense even half a century ago.

So to be complete, embrace your Southern identity. Get married and have a large family. Raise your children with a strong sense of their own heritage and to love their people. Your children, in turn, will have self-worth, value and maintain that proud lineage of your ancestors. Having an identity is about family, it’s about love…and that’s a beautiful thing.

-By Tex Wood