The Harbinger

The harbinger is a horror movie trope. He is the old man that warns the kids not to go in those woods. There’s evil in there. This piece is probably old hat for some of y’all. But if you’re young and just getting into what we at ID are about, please heed this warning.

I’m a later generation gen-Xer. Our boomer parents were either too into their own selfish interest to raise us right, both parents worked leaving us to the latchkey way of life, or so gaslit by secular consumerism (the destruction of the extended family, moving to areas of low trust and social cohesion, exclusion from community, etc) they didn’t know what to do with us. Because of these factors, most of us soon to be old timers can advise you what not to do.

Friends and Acquaintances

Hopefully, Grandmaw and Granddaddy told you, if you lie down with dogs you come up with fleas. Get-togethers are great, but if your friends idea of this incorporates hick hop (do you really think you could get these idiots to watch a Sam Dickson video?), drug use, and drinking yourself into coma – I’d consider finding new friends. I find it hard to believe you can live a double life of Southern nationalist/indentitarian beliefs, while you live a life that is far than virtuous. I also believe that proselytizing to people that think Upchurch the Redneck is a smart guy will leave you blackpilled beyond return. I wouldn’t totally abandon them. If they want to know more about the new you, they will seek you out. I picked hick hop culture because it’s easy. Nonetheless, the same applies to any social subculture. Don’t hang around high time preference nihilist.


I’m not a pickup artist and I cannot teach you game. What I can share is this. The way a lady holds her father in regard is important. Does she hate him? Odds are she will not trust you and likely not respect you in the long run. Even if there is good reason for that hate, I’d would be very cautious.

This is basically a single parent home situation, and any good rarely comes from that. The duty of man is to lead the family. If there is any absence there, be it from animosity or laissez faire parenting, don’t think you can fix that. Speaking of family, if her future goal is not marriage and children – move on. Unless of course you think cats and dogs are something you can hand down a legacy to. Don’t end up like this guy in the video.


Pretty easy. Learn a trade. One could make an argument for programming, but you’ll be replaced by a Pajeet the way things are going. Welding, HVAC, carpentry all of these things travel well and take far less capital to attain these skills than a masters in business, marketing, or whatever meaningless degree you can think of. The opportunity for entrepreneurship is high, and personally, I find physical work more worthwhile for mind and body.


I left this one last as it is the most difficult to personalize to you. I believe if you consider yourself a Southern nationalist, that it is directly tied to Christendom. If idenititarianism is all you seek, then a belief in something bigger than yourself and of this world is important as it will humble and ground you.

I admit this article can be labeled incomplete. The very nature of the subject matter requires book length thought and consideration. Besides, the harbinger didn’t have a lot of time to explain to those dumb kids why that cabin was haunted.

-By Robert Hoke

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  1. As another Gen X’er I agree with your sound advice. I want to emphasize the importance of surrounding yourself with high quality LIKE MINDED (friends as much as possible). Even if your best friends have to be a couple hours away it makes it easiest to move away from the negative elements in your life and will insure you’ll stand your ground politically rather than feeling isolated or lonely.