Northern Virginia: Dixie’s Swamp

Northern Virginia is not Dixie. Sure, it’s technically Dixie territory. Sure, Lee’s army was called The Army of Northern Virginia, but even more so than any black-belt city, this place would be unrecognizable to a Southern man or women. There are no Southern accents here. There is no Southern religion. There are no Confederate Battle flags.

Let me illustrate this for you with a few anecdotes. Manassas, where two of the most brutal battles of The War were fought, has a Mosque that was built by a Saudi prince. The city is so overrun with Muslims that parks are uninhabitable to anyone who objects to hordes of full face covering burkas wandering about with their gaggles of innumerable children. These muddy terrorist invaders pray in the parking lots of strip malls at all times of day. Halal butcher shops occupy the shopping centers. Arabic language is used in public schools.

Lets move on to Alexandria, where Captain James Jackson took the first Yankee life of the war when he shot and killed Colonel Elmer Ellsworth. Ellsworth came into Jackson’s hotel with a sortie of men to take the Confederate flag off his building, and got a slug in the chest for his troubles. A few weeks ago, I went to a bar in Alexandria with White Nationalist speaker Richard Spencer. We were thrown out because he is White Nationalist. People protest outside his apartment. Tourists come and scream up at his windows and take pictures. There are posters denouncing him and his “hate” all over the city. The Alexandria Episcopal Church are taking plaques bearing the names of Robert E. Lee and George Washington down because they owned slaves. That same church flies a fag flag and encourages taking non-white, non-Christian “refugees” into our country. The church is ministered by 4 lesbians.

Arlington, which was owned by General Lee’s family, and Washington’s before him – is a liberal hell-hole and, based on this writer’s observation, the race mixing capitol of the world. On any given weekend night, you can see white men and women running around with all manner of mud while getting down to any degenerate shenanigans you can imagine. Hillary Clinton won 91,879 votes in Arlington (75.78 percent), whereas Donald Trump won 20,155 votes (16.62 percent), helping turn this piece of Old Dixie as blue as a hanged traitor. This place is peak-swamp. This is where every heinous yuppie lobbyist, lawyer, and Federal charlatan lives and plays. These people hate you.

Yes, this is all because of NOVA being the Federal Suburbs. It is living quarters for the denizens of The Swamp. In all but the most liberal or remote white exurbs, this area is full of jews, muslims, latinx, dot-heads, and other mystery meat of any type you can imagine. So much so, that you barely notice there really are not that many blacks around. Finally, if you needed any further evidence that Northern Virginia is absolutely bereft of any vestiges of Southern-ness, my unrepentant Yankee urbanite ass lives in one of those remote white exurbs, and I love it here.

Retake Everything.

-By Jayoh de la Ray

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  1. Unfortunately, I grew up in Alexandria. In the 70s and 80s, it was a biracial society with a 60-40 demographic of black and white. I can tell you that the whites of that time were mostly proto-altright shitlords due to their close contact with the black hordes. Today, it is a Islamo/Salvadoran/fudge packer shithole. Very sad.