Uncle Sam’s Rogues’ Gallery

One of the most definitive and disturbing aspects of late Americana is the fact that every security threat presented to the public is basically a contrivance of our own government, abetted enthusiastically by the MSM. None of them would exist on their own. Thus, they had to be manufactured. Let’s run through a quick list.


The terror attacks on 9/11 were the products of a terrorist network once directly supported by the US during the 1980’s in order to sow chaos against the Soviet-backed government of Afghanistan. Despite this reckless policy, these jihadists would have posed no domestic threat to Americans if only we had a rational immigration policy. After all, planes don’t hijack themselves. Terrorists need to be imported for that task.


Instead of honestly drawing some logical conclusions about what a terrible idea it is to sponsor Islamic terror while simultaneously importing hordes of Muslims, our government decided to use the carnage on 9/11 to act on a plan laid out by a helpful Jewish think tank, The Project for a New American Century. Saddam was accused of supporting Al-Qaeda and brandishing weapons of mass destruction intended for our demise. These accusations were dutifully laid out to the American people by the MSM despite a complete lack of any credible evidence. Nonetheless, war commenced. The entire idea was so idiotic that even Saddam Hussein himself revealed in a post-capture debriefing by the FBI that he didn’t think the Bush Administration was actually serious.  


As it turns out, overthrowing the government of Iraq opened a Pandora’s Box of sectarian Islamic enthusiasm. As we’ve gleaned from sources such as Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails and a startling TV interview with former Qatari Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber al-Thani, this religious fervor was channeled by the US and its Arab allies into an insurgency against the legitimate government of Syria. Fortunately, that failed. Nonetheless, we’ve refused to vacate our illegal presence in that country since we’re “fighting terror” (serving the interests of Israel).

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Escaped the clutches of Uncle Sam’s War Machine.

North Korea

There are many labels which can be aptly applied to Kim Jong-Un. Irrational is not one of them. If he was, then his scientists wouldn’t be busy splitting atoms. That’s not a cheap process, particularly in an isolated nation where much of the population is only doing a bit better than flat-out starvation. It’s reasonable to surmise that he’d rather be investing scarce resources in more economically productive endeavors.  However, the alternative would be suffering the fate of Saddam or Gaddafi. If we didn’t want a nuclear armed North Korea, the reasonable course of action would be to not threaten them with invasion by maintaining massive military power on their southern border.


We’ve seen a level of hysteria regarding Russia that didn’t even exist during most of the Cold War. Any inconvenience confronting the Western Establishment, from Catalan secession to NFL boycotts, has been attributed to Russia. Worst of all, their nefarious hackers robbed Hillary Clinton of the Presidency. According to Dick Cheney, that’s “an act of war”. The trouble with all of this is that we’ve been conducting actual warfare against Russia’s allies. Whether it’s overthrowing the government of the Ukraine or backing the horrific jihadist rampage against their key Mediterranean partner, Syria, we haven’t exactly been friendly to them. Bear in mind, we’ve steadily been positioning military power closer and closer to Russia‘s borders, in spite of assurances made at the end of the Cold War that NATO would not be expanded.  Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of the Chechen Republic, has accused the US of supporting Islamic insurgents within the Russian Federation itself. Given our penchant for backing militant Islam, his assertion seems reasonable.

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Imagine being stupid enough to believe this?

The Alt-Right

If it’s bad, then the Russians must have something to do with it. So, it wasn’t much of a surprise to learn that the worse people to ever reside in America (us) are actually Russian agents or merely eager consumers of their disinformation campaign. According to the Washington Post’s “PropOrNot” list, our ranks have been bolstered by former congressman Ron Paul and a variety of libertarian crackpots. The Russians are quite proud of their war against Germany. In fact, they hold a huge military parade each year to commemorate the conflict. It seems odd that they would sponsor “Nazi scum” right here in America. The media would do well to pick one false narrative and stick with it. The problem here is that they’re trying to meld together two ridiculous lies: 1) We’re Nazis  and 2) We’re sponsored by Russia. These are incongruous scenarios.  If they’d attacked with one, then they’d have more success. 

Unfortunately for everyone involved, the MSM can’t address reality any better than our government. If they could, then they’d point out the crippling effects of vibrancy on the social fabric of this country, along with its economic and financial viability. The Feds would respond by locking down the southern border and halting our 3rd world demographic transfer program. These are the only real threats to America’s national security. Are they willing to do that?

Of course, not. 

-By Tommy Shackleford


  1. Of course they don’t. They want to maintain the status quo as it’s making them money and giving them power. Why would they want to harm their own interests? All of this is what happens when people stop caring about politics and stop putting competent candidates in the ballot box.