Emboldened by Trump?

“These people feel emboldened by the Trump administration,” is a common statement we hear from the Left when white people rally for their own interests. This was particularly popular after Unite The Right, but are these people even hitting the mark? Of course not.

When a newscaster, journalist, or any kind of internet celebrity says that Trump is to blame for the rise in white nationalism, they are attempting to gaslight their already weak minded audience. This nonsense is repeated ad nauseum and its only purpose is to trick people into believing that the president is at fault for whites finally standing up for themselves, hoping it will bring more opposition to his presidency and greatly impact his chance of re-election. The reality is that a Clinton administration would have been more beneficial to the Alt-Right; a well-known crook with an anti-white agenda beating the obviously more popular candidate? Our numbers would have doubled overnight.
We are not emboldened by Trump’s presidency, we are not rallying because we believe the White House will stand behind us; we’re not Israel, after all. We are taking a stand because we have no other option. Our culture is being destroyed, the media is against us, we’re paying taxes for educational institutions that teach our children to hate themselves and their heritage, all while our country is being flooded with third world immigrants who rape our daughters, beat and stab our sons, and drive trucks into crowds during the holidays. You expect us to lay down and take it? We are up against the ropes and our only option is to punch back.
– Tyler J. Thompson