Not Safe for Yanks

It’s a nice and quiet day in the office and in an attempt to break the monotony with some humor, a man stumbles on to the /pol/ section of 4Chan. While scrolling through with no good posts in sight, one thread screams out at me. That thread was a Southern Hate thread.

What I’m sure started out as some New Yorker attempting to comfort himself about the shortcomings of his culture, actually enticed an unreasonable amount of yanks to voice what they felt were legitimate concerns. Some of these concerns are as follows: Meth Addiction, White Trash, Tarnished image of White People, Terrible accents, poor diets, Neo-Confederates, poverty, etc.

You get the picture by now, I’m sure.

Whether this started as satire or not, I’m going to bitch about it regardless. So let’s address some of these complaints

Not before this, though. First and foremost, we tried to leave. We still will. Our convictions don’t change. Fuck Yankees.

Moving on to Meth Addiction. In 2017, New York City made headlines, not because of its sights or culture, but because of its heroin problem. Overdoses are reaching record levels (some 1,200 deaths in 2016 alone) and don’t exhibit any signs of slowing down. Heroin had become such an issue for NYC that overdoses were almost 4 times higher than their homicide rate. But hey, at least it ain’t meth right?

I guess what I’m alluding to is simply this: Fuck Yankees.

White trash made me laugh. I’ll take a bunch of stereotypical white trash, redneck, drunk, pyros over the consumeristic, self-hating and overly apologetic soyboy scum that plagues the large cities in the North. At least white trash only destroy their own yards and not their cities. Everything said here also applies to the “tarnished image of white people” thing. At least our “white trash” are reproducing with their own kind and therefore keeping the image of white people alive.

My point remains the same as the first: Fuck Yankees.

I almost lost it at “terrible accents”. Are you kidding me?

Sure, Bob, I’ll take “Why is a Boston accent the most mocked white accent in America?” for $100. Southern accents are warm and welcoming. There are more songs written about a “sweet southern drawl” than there are about yanks dropping the letter “r” from literally every word ever.

And, if you read all of that in some wildly over exaggerated hillbilly accent, I’ll spell it out for you plainly: Fuck Yankees.

Southern culture is a true gem. We have great music, we have delicious foods, we have engaging pastime activities, and we have the love of genuinely exceptional women. But most importantly, we have a strong brotherhood. That is why we scream “the South will rise again” at the top of our lungs. We don’t get tired of fighting and we don’t skirt our responsibilities because they are difficult.

If you take nothing else from this piece, I strongly encourage you to remember one thing:

Fuck Yankees.


  1. This article right here is why people don’t like ‘southern nationalists’. There is a contingent amongst you that is just rude to non southerners for no reason. If you want to fly a confederate flag around and be proud of your ‘southern heritage’, cool, I don’t care. None of us in the pro white community do. The problem is that many of you, like this author, use the terms ‘non southerner’ and ‘liberal’ interchangeably, and then proceed to insult non southerners. Do you not realize that the Midwest overwhelmingly voted for Trump? The south doesn’t hold a monopoly on the country’s conservative whites bud. This dichotomy does not exist any longer either. The only people who care about the civil war anymore is yourselves, and you do so in a matter that is self destructive to the pro white movement. You would think people whose whole identity is based off of getting their asses whooped in a war would have some humility.

    All this does is turn off people who are open to pro white ideas and create division where there was none in the first place. I’ve never met any pro whites from outside the south who talk down to southerners, its just white liberals making these stereotypes. Conservatives from across the country support keeping your monuments up. Why you insist on fighting your own allies and potential allies is beyond me. But insults will not bring your exact confederation of states called ‘dixie’ back, nothing will. If the south will ‘rise again’ it will be because pro white activists are helping you. Your identity should be pro and not anti – as Rockwell said I do not hate people for their race, as they can’t choose what race they are (I do however dislike nonwhites for their overwhelming actions against us, and believe we’re incompatible). The state and region you are from too, you do not choose. This article just makes you look like an insecure piece of garbage who is upset at the results of the civil war. Last I checked Richmond, Houston, Memphis, Atlanta and New Orleans were pathetic dumps filled with 3rd world trash and liberal faggots too.

    Patrick Bishop, you are an untermensch. You’re trash, not because you’re from the poorest region in the country, but because you act like an arrogant piece of shit. You’ve allowed your anger from 4chan posters to cause you to make an idiot of yourself, displaying your insecurity for all to see and laugh at. If this is your attitude to other pro whites then fuck you too, may your southern land descend into total demographic obliteration, as you are just as subhuman as the nonwhites who are outbreeding you. Judging by census numbers it already has. Your inferiority complex is not that far different from theirs. Grow up and realize that the situation in the 1860s is something that won’t ever happen again. If you truly cared about the future of the white race on this continent you would work with non southerners to create the racially separate state that we need, instead of crashing your own plane before even setting off the ground.